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Iowa vodka producer creates 100% pure vodka from corn products

In Iowa, IngeniOz has produced a 100% pure vodka, claiming to be the purest vodka in the world. The process is based out of Iowa State University and involves alcohol production by the fermentation of corn syrup and starch and then distilling the product six times. IngeniOz vodka is treated further by ozone oxidation, activated carbon […]

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As huge corn crop looms, corn futures hit new contract lows

In the US, nearby corn futures have seen new contract lows, with low prices benefitting end-users like ethanol producers, causing unusually high margins. With the big crop looming, new crop carry-out is expected to increase but low prices will encourage future demand in 2015. Despite the lows, various private analysts have released final yield estimates […]

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Hillco and John Deere develop one-pass corn harvest and baling technology

In Idaho, the partnership between Hillco Technologies and John Deere has developed a new system for harvesting corn and baling corn stover in one step. This process maximizes overall efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs. Key features of the Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System include: • Low horsepower consumption • Full visibility – Three strategically located […]

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ICM commissions and opens dry-mill corn ethanol plant in Argentina

In Argentina, ICM has successfully commissioned and started a dry-mill corn ethanol plant in Cordoba, Argentina. The plant exceeded the nameplate production capacity of 400 cubic meters per day during the testing period. Construction and installation was completed for the plant in February 2014. Dave VanderGriend, Chief Executive Officer of ICM, Inc., said, “We are […]

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ACA Bio Cooperative commissions corn ethanol plant in Argentina

In Argentina, ICM announced the successful start-up and commissioning of the dry-mill corn ethanol plant designed for ACA Bio Cooperative Limitada (ACA Bio). The plant is located in Villa Maria, which is in the central province of Cordoba, Argentina. The ethanol plant met or exceeded all performance guarantees during the testing period, which included exceeding […]

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Corn use for ethanol likely to top 5 billion bushels

In Illinois, ethanol producers are expected to consume about 5.1 billion bushels of corn this year, based on the expectation of 14.1 billion gallons of ethanol. The boost in production over the previous year is a result of higher demand, more exports, fewer imports and rebuilding stocks after high corn prices due to drought reduced […]

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Nebraska Ethanol producing ethanol from corn

In Nebraska, Nebraska Ethanol has started ethanol production again using corn as feedstock. Nearby Aurora West started production in May using sugar as feedstock but will switch back to corn in September. The former is expected to hit its production peak in mid-September. The 20-year-old facility produces 45 million gallons of ethanol annually.  

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East Kansas Agri-Energy to integrate biodiesel production from corn oil

In Kansas, East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC has announced its intent to integrate renewable diesel production at its ethanol plant in Garnett, Kansas. Renewable diesel will be made from the corn distillers oil (CDO) already produced at the plant along with other feedstocks purchased on the market. Construction on the new facility will begin soon and […]

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Bumper Brazilian corn crop facilitates boost to ethanol production

In Brazil, a bumper corn crop is weighing on prices but that downward trend is making the crop more profitable as a feedstock for ethanol. Usimat, which uses corn to produce ethanol during the sugarcane inter-harvest period, expects to produce 100,000 metric tons of ethanol from corn this next period due to low corn prices, […]

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Nebraska’s corn farmers are suing Aventine for using sugar as feedstock

In Nebraska, the state’s corn growers association is suing Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings to stop the company from using cheap beet sugar as feedstock for ethanol production, saying that the company has broken a contract to use local corn exclusively. The company says it has not broken the terms of the contract and claims no […]

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