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East Kansas Agri-Energy to integrate biodiesel production from corn oil

In Kansas, East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC has announced its intent to integrate renewable diesel production at its ethanol plant in Garnett, Kansas. Renewable diesel will be made from the corn distillers oil (CDO) already produced at the plant along with other feedstocks purchased on the market. Construction on the new facility will begin soon and […]

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Bumper Brazilian corn crop facilitates boost to ethanol production

In Brazil, a bumper corn crop is weighing on prices but that downward trend is making the crop more profitable as a feedstock for ethanol. Usimat, which uses corn to produce ethanol during the sugarcane inter-harvest period, expects to produce 100,000 metric tons of ethanol from corn this next period due to low corn prices, […]

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Nebraska’s corn farmers are suing Aventine for using sugar as feedstock

In Nebraska, the state’s corn growers association is suing Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings to stop the company from using cheap beet sugar as feedstock for ethanol production, saying that the company has broken a contract to use local corn exclusively. The company says it has not broken the terms of the contract and claims no […]

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Three Rivers Energy readies for switch to Enogen corn in Ohio

In Minnesota, Three Rivers Energy hosted a ribbon cutting event and open house to mark the one-year anniversary of resuming production at its Coshocton, Ohio, ethanol plant. Local and national officials were on hand to discuss the importance of home-grown biofuels to U.S. energy independence and the role of the Coshocton facility in contributing to […]

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Quad County Corn Processor produces Iowa’s first cellulosic biofuels at scale

In Iowa, the first ever gallons of commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol produced in Iowa flowed from Quad County Corn Processor’s distillation unit this week, according to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. This marks the commissioning of the farmer-owned ethanol plant’s Adding Cellulosic Ethanol (ACE) project, a new “bolt-on” process that adds the capability to convert the […]

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Impending bumper corn harvest seen pushing down prices to $4 a bushel

In Illinois, an expected bumper corn crop this year is seen weighing heavily on corn prices, with Goldman Sachs expecting corn to reach $4 a bushel in the next six months, down from $4.425 now, which is already 15% lower than the end of April. Bloomberg estimates that corn inventories are 35% higher, the biggest […]

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Cornell University announces recipients of Academic Venture Fund

In New York state, Cornell’s David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future (ACSF) has given $1.4 million from their Academic Venture Fund to 12 new university projects designed to protect and sustain the world’s environment, foster renewable energy, and promote human health and economic well-being. Funding for biofuels-related projects are: Biofuel surrogates for transportation […]

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Argonne slams EWG report on corn ethanol LCA

In Illinois, researchers led by Argonne National Laboratory and three universities have issued a 13-page response slamming the recent Environmental Work Group lifecycle analysis of corn ethanol, called “Ethanol’s Broken Promise.” The response picks through detail by detail how the EWG report misrepresents, miscalculates or is otherwise completely off the mark. To quote from the […]

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Ethanol, oil, corn duke it out in “The Battle of the Benjamins”

Corn producers, ethanol producers and crude oil refiners: locked in a rollercoaster of commodity prices, and a battle for market share and profits.  As the EPA readies to unleash its view of the future volumes of renewable fuels — who’s winning, who’s losing the “Battle of the Benjamins”? In their 1987 album release Document, the alternative […]

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The Latest in next-wave biofuels feedstock reports: Corn cobs

Here’s a report from Minnesota’s Agicultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) on Corn Cobs as Sustainable Biomass for Renewable Energy, A Field-to-Facility Demonstration and Feasibility Study. They report that “The corn cob field-to-facility project is a success in that it has demonstrated and documented the viability of corn cobs as a sustainable source of biomass for […]

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