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Universiti Teknologi MARA developing gasification technology for producer gas

In Malaysia, a research team from Universiti Teknologi MARA has embarked on a project related to gasification of biomass to produce clean producer gas. This gas mixture can be used as a fuel for internal combustion engines, turbine and fuel cell for power generation.  

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EPA Ruling on Sludge Gasification Process Opens Door to Environmentally Beneficial Waste Treatment Technology

In Washington, Maxwest Environmental Systems reported that the EPA recently ruled that its patented sewage sludge gasification technology is not an incinerator. MaxWest noted that this is “a major victory not only for clean air and water but also for taxpayers in municipalities looking for a sustainable alternative to costly incineration.” In its findings, the […]

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Nexterra to supply biomass gasification for 10MWe power plant in Birmingham

In Canada and the United Kingdom, Nextera announced that it has signed a contract with MWH to supply a biomass gasification system for the Birmingham Bio Power renewable energy power plant in Tyseley. Developed by Carbonarius, the plant will be capable of producing over 10 MW of renewable electricity for sale to the grid. The […]

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Metso supplying valves for major Swedish biomass gasification project

In Sweden, global engineering and mining firm, Metso, will supply valves and smart instrumentation for Göteborg Energi AB’s GoBiGas project in the Rya harbor, Gothenburg. The first of its kind, the biomass gasification plant will convert biomass into renewable biomethane gas, supplying the natural gas grid. Metso will supply state-of-the-art control and on-off valves as […]

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Auburn University professor receives NSF grant for biomass gasification research

In Alabama, Professor Sushil Ahikari, assistant professor of biosystems engineering at Auburn University received a $335,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct a bioenergy research study, focusing on biomass gasification. His research will set up a program called Research Exerpeinces for Undergraduates, allowing 10 students from research universities to spend 10 weeks on […]

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$800K in bioenergy grants for UC Riverside for gasification, food waste projects

In California, Researchers at the University of California, Riverside’s Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CERT) received a $650,000 grant from the California Energy Commission, extending its commitment to $2 million to CERT for its patented steam hydrogasification reaction, which can turn any carbonaceous material – including waste from food, yards, sewage treatment facilities – […]

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UK group aims to establish carbon capture, gasification R&D hub

In the UK, researchers at the Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability (NIReS) are looking to position the North East as a global center for the development of gasification and carbon capture and storage technologies capable of significantly reducing emissions from the region’s carbon-intensive heavy industries. NIReS is currently working on several complementary research projects […]

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DOE to award $12M in new funding for pyrolysis, gasification-based advanced biofuels

In Washington, the DOE announced that it will be accepting applications for $12 million in funding for laboratory or small pilot-scale projects that support the development of refinery feedstocks, or drop-in renewable gasoline, diesel, or jet fuels. The funding opportunity will provide up to $12 million over the next three to four years to support […]

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The New Economics of Next-Gen Gasification: ClearFuels Technology

Those who have been drilled in Santayana’s dictum: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and who take an interest in the history of engineering will not need a reminder that the problems of high cost and fuel yield plagued the development of the steam engine. Just as they have plagued […]

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Euro Commission awards $34M to Gothenburg Biofuels Gasification project in Sweden

In Brussels, the European Commission granted $34.4 million (SEK 222 million) under EU state aid rules to Sweden to support the Gothenburg Biofuels Gasification (GoBiGas) research and development (R&D) project. Göteborg Energi AB, a Swedish energy company, will manage the project, which will be carried out by its subsidiary, GoBiGas AB. The 10-year project aims […]

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