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Gevo pulls ahead in #1 position in 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy with 125 hours of voting remaining; Cargill into top 10; Novozymes, Genecor inch into top 6

In Digestville, Gevo stretched its lead over Solazyme from the top of the pack as the 125-hour mark until the end of voting for the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy. Solazyme, Amyris, DDCE, Novozymes, Genencor, POET, LS9, Codexis and Cargill  trailed Gevo in the top 10 after the tenth day of subscriber balloting for the […]

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DOE, Iogen, Chromatin, Dupont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol, PetroAlgae and Genecor to sponsor the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference

In Washington, the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference announced that it has closed registrations for the April 27-29, 2010 event, maintaining its focus on an intimate setting for real networking and dialogue, and a limited number of attendees. The complete program is available here. Two sponsor packages are still available that include attendee registrations, for those […]

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Elevance, Synthetic Genomics, Syngenta may fall in Transformative Technologies 2011 first-round

Today is the final day for first-round voting in the Transformative Technologies 2011 tournament – at 5pm ET 32 contestants will advance to the second round – 32 go home. Among those “on the bubble”, where a strong voting surge either way could decide the contest: OPX Bio leads Elevance 52-48, UOP leads GlycosBio 52-48, […]

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Gevo bolts to #2 as voting surges in 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy

Solazyme, Gevo, Amyris, Codexis, DDCE, Gevo, POET, Sapphire Energy, LS9, Novozymes and Abengoa Bioenergy formed the top 10 after the first week of subscriber balloting for the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy. Petrobras, which made the top 10 on the first four days of voting, was just outside the Top 10, along with Chevron, Genencor, […]

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The Culturing Revolution: LanzaTech extends to chemicals as Year of SynthBio gains pace

In New Zealand, LanzaTech announced that it has produced 2,3-Butanediol (2,3-BD), a key building block used to make polymers, plastics and hydrocarbon fuels, using the company’s gas fermentation technology. Digest readers will recall that LanzaTech, voted the #41 Hottest Company in Bioenergy last year by Digest readers and expected to make a strong run in […]

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What is Bioisoprene and why should you master it? A look at Genencor and GlycosBio

When we say bioisoprene, think synthetic rubber – but only for a start. Think “platform” for renewable diesel, jet fuel, renewable gasoline, and synthetic adhesives. It replaces fossil-based oils, can make money now, and can be made from oilseed wastes in a world gone mad in the search for cheap sugars. It’s evoking attention and […]

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Iogen warns that next policy "ask" to lawmakers must be "last to produce commercialization"

The Big Ask Iogen EVP Jeff Passmore said at World Biofuels Markets that biofuels producers have to sharpen their guidance to policymakers, suggesting that 2010 offers a large, but singular opportunity to get biofuels policy support right. “We have to define the ask,” agreeing with comments made last week by Bluefire Ethanol CEO Arnie Klann […]

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Purple Haze: New enzyme technologies aiming for oil parity with new feedstockase and woodstockase for biofuels

In the classic novella Animal Farm, a farm run by a collective of animals runs into trouble after the leadership discovers, and develops, an insatiable appetite for fermented sugars, the form of whiskey. But a loyal workhorse, Boxer, responds to every demand from the pigs for “more product!” with “I will work harder!”. So it […]

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