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Genomatica, Renmatix pick up 2014 Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers Award

Genomatica and Renmatix have been named winners of the 2014 Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers Award for developing process technologies to produce widely-used chemicals from alternative feedstocks rather than petroleum. Genomatica’s processes are designed to produce the exact same chemicals while delivering better economics and a smaller environmental footprint. Every year, Bloomberg recognizes ten game-changing companies […]

April 7, 2014 More

Genomatica: Transformative Technologies 2014 nominee, “Transformative molecule (biobased chemical)”

This is the official Transformative Technologies 2014 nominee page for Genomatica, nominated in the “Transformative molecule (biobased chemical)” category for its BDO technology. Voting Rules All voting is exclusively via social media this year. To vote, simply click on the Tweet, Like or Share link in on this page. Each tweet, like or share will count […]

March 10, 2014 More

Genomatica: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Company description:  Genomatica is a widely-recognized technology leader for the chemical industry. It develops comprehensive manufacturing processes that enable its licensee partners to produce the world’s most widely-used chemicals a ‘better way,’ from alternative feedstocks, with better economics and greater sustainability than petroleum-based processes. Genomatica has the distinction of driving the first genuine commercialization of a […]

February 18, 2014 More

Vilsack; POET, LanzaTech, Beta Renewables, Genomatica, DuPont, Solazyme, KiOR, Raizen, REG execs win Top 100 People in the Bioeconomy poll for 2013-14

In the annual poll, voters reward key fighters on the RFS2 front, companies reaching scale, and pioneers in renewable chemicals. Top 300 recognized. In Florida, US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack headed the “Top 100 People in the Bioeconomy” as voted by the readers of The Digest and the publication’s editorial board. Vilsack was followed […]

December 31, 2013 More

Heard on the Floor at Bio Pac Rim: Sapphire Energy, Philipps 66, Monsanto, Novozymes, Braskem and Genomatica unveil key tie-ups

Three Hot 30 / Hot 50 companies partner with giants in agriculture, chemicals and petroleum. In California, three major tie-ups between top-ranked developing bioeconomy darlings and old-line giants were the buzz on the second day of BIO’s annual Pac-Rim event in San Diego. Just after word about Sapphire Energy and Philipps 66′s tie-up was announced, […]

December 11, 2013 More

Genomatica, Solazyme, Myriant, LanzaTech and Elevance take top slots in The 30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals for 2013-14

Renewable chemicals developer Genomatica took the #1 spot in the 2013-14 “30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals and Materials” rankings. It is Genomatica’s third consecutive year at the top of the rankings. Solazyme (#2), Myriant (#3), LanzaTech (#4), Elevance Renewable Sciences (#5), Amyris (#6), DSM (#7), Gevo (#8), DuPont Industrial Biosciences (#9), and Novozymes (#10) […]

October 11, 2013 More

DSM gives Genomatica’s biobased BDO two thumbs up

In California and Singapore, Royal DSM and Genomatica announced that DSM confirmed BDO made with Genomatica’s process had excellent purity and shows equivalent performance as fossil-based BDO. DSM plans to use BDO made with Genomatica’s bio-based process technology in its Arnitel products. Used as a raw material, BDO made from Genomatica’s process is able to […]

October 9, 2013 More

Hottest Companies: Genomatica

Voting for Genomatica in the Hot 50 or Hot 30 Rankings You can vote on the web for this company in the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy or the 30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals and Materials — by clicking on the icons above to “Like” or “Tweet” this page. Any web votes you record […]

August 25, 2013 More

The Bio-Shirt: FENC debuts high-performance, biobased clothing, via Genomatica BDO, at BioPlastek

In Taiwan and California, Far Eastern New Century Corporation and Genomatica announced that FENC has successfully made high-performance fibers and clothing with high bio-based content. A sample shirt made with this fiber debuted publicly for the first time at the BioPlastek conference yesterday in San Francisco. FENC achieved this result by producing one of their […]

June 28, 2013 More

Lanxess converts 20 tons of Genomatica BDO into PBT, in commercial-scale trial

First production of bio-based polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) in a world-scale plant using 1,4-butanediol (BDO) made from renewable feedstock Product quality of bio-based PBT fully within specification and equivalent to petro-based PBT In Germany, Lanxess has run a production campaign of bio-based PBT in Lanxess’ world-scale production plant using 20 metric tons of bio-based BDO made […]

June 25, 2013 More