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Siemens, PetroAlgae complete co-firing test of lemna-based biofuel

In Utah, Siemens Energy successfully completed the first firing of PetroAlgae Inc.’s biocrude fuel in a test firing conducted at the University of Utah’s 4 MBtu/hr pilot-scale burner. The biocrude/coal fuel mixture burned well, and produced 20 percent lower nitric oxide (NOx) emissions than coal alone. Prior to the pilot plant-scale testing with Siemens, PetroAlgae […]

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Transformative Technologies 2010 nominees: Microalgae, cyanobacteria, lemna, and plankton

Nominations: Microalgae, cyanobacteria, lemna, and plankton To vote in Transformative Technologies 2010, visit here. Algaeventure Systems In Ohio, Algaeventure Systems  was founded in 2008 with a mission to take the cost barriers out of growing and processing algae.  They recently discovered and developed a disruptive technology, nicknamed HDD, for harvesting, dewatering and drying, that reduces […]

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The 101 Hottest Biofuels Feedstocks : The Digest’s 5-Minute Guide

Tired of corn, corn, corn or cane, cane, cane? There are 101 feedstocks in the biofuels canon. Here’s what’s up with each of them, and all of them. In Florida, Biofuels Digest released its annual Guide to biofuels feedstocks, tracking 10,658 items published in the Digest in the past 48 months on 101 feedstocks for […]

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Answers to your questions about parity-priced, algae-based fuels

Wondering when affordable algae-based transportation fuels might arrive at your local retail outlet? Might be sooner than you think. Here’s the lowdown. We’ve been hearing quite a bit of news this week here in Digestville about the strong demand for price-competitive algae fuels. By far the biggest news is that sales of algae-based Soladiesel B20 […]

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The Force: the Cellulosic biofuels tax credit is back, but is it really needed?

Finding it hard to explain to taxpayers why the PTC is needed, for the jump to cellulosic biofuels lightspeed, or to ward off predatory fossil-fuel evildoers? Turns out, The Force may not be needed after all.  So, the fiscal cliff was averted in a last minute-deal by DC lawmakers. Sort of. For now. Or […]

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The Fiscal Cliff deal: the definitive biofuels guide

Three key tax credits extended for cellulosic biofuels, biodiesel and renewable diesel; playing field leveled for algae; Farm Bill provisions extended, but mandatory funding eliminated for energy title. Well, the viziers and examiners have completed their go-through on the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 – the fiscal cliff-averting bill that is now awaiting President […]

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Green Dragon: 20 Signs that 2012 is the Year of China

Why is China accelerating on industrial biotechnology, just as US pols preach unilateral disarmament on government efforts to foster commercialization? Does the sun rise in the east as it sets in the West? Yes, Digesterati, 2012 is supposed to bring, according to someone’s reading of a Mayan calendar, the end of the world some time […]

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The 7 Paths of the New Agriculture

Biofuels booming? It’s not just the new transformative processing technologies, it’s the new agriculture. Here’s what’s going on, by whom, and where, when and why. In the bioenergy business, no one has nightmares, they have feedstock-mares. You wake up, sweating and panting and shaken, with the unmistakeable sensation that your feedstock of choice is unavailable, […]

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The Bullseye Fuel: BAL and its macroalgae-based biofuels

In Chile earlier this month, Bio Architecture Lab broke ground on an experimental pilot facility producing ethanol from Macrocystis pyrifera (macro algae). Macroalgae: that’s seaweed, and more about why macro algae is really, really important, in a moment. The Pilot Facility The facility, expected to be operational in 2012 will allow the company to demonstrate […]

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PetroAlgae's IPO: The 10-Minute Version

Can PetroAlgae find a market for its feed among the aficionados of alfalfa and fishmeal, with fuels on the side? In its recent IPO revision, it says “sure can”. In Florida, PetroAlgae has filed a massive revision to its S-1 registration for a proposed initial public offering. The company is currently ranked #55th in the […]

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