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Kelley Green Biofuels demos innovative methanol-recovery method in biodiesel production

In North Carolina, Kelley Green Biofuels presented an innovative approach to biodiesel production and methanol recovery at the 2014 Collective Biodiesel Conference this month in Pittsboro. With the technology, the company’s biodiesel exits the reactor containing 4-6% methanol by volume, at which point the fuel is sent through a flash drum which recovers up to […]

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ABATEC introduces glycerol-to-methanol add-on for biodiesel plants

In Argentina, ABATEC SA introduces the BD4-MG system, to manufacture Methanol from raw Glycerol, an innovative way for adding value to the glycerol produced in the biodiesel plants. The SAVOIA BD4-MG system is a simple and safe process to treat 1000 L/day (250 gal/d) of glycerol, for getting around 35% of dry methanol, 25% FFA […]

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Malaysian company to build $700 million methanol plant in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, Malaysian-company Markmore Sdn Bhd has signed an MOU with Mangystau province to build a $700 million methanol plant in Kuryk. The facility will use the large gas reserves in the Rakushechnoye Field already owned by the company via a local subsidiary. The plant’s completion is expected by 2017.  

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Israel looking strongly at methanol for fuel independence

In Israel, the government’s push for fuel independence is looking strongly a methanol-related technologies, especially those based in syngas. Current trials have cars running on M15 like in China whereas others have gone as high as M70. The government is pushing technology development and commercialization through its Fuel Choices Initiative that has a 10-year budget […]

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Canadian shippers choose MAN methanol engines for carrier project

In Canada, Vancouver-based Waterfront Shipping has confirmed its Methanol Carrier Project for a series of 50,000-dwt methanol carriers, each powered by an MAN B&W ME-LGI main engine running on methanol. The confirmation stems from a Letter of Intent MAN Diesel & Turbo and Waterfront signed in July of this year. MAN Diesel & Turbo officially […]

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Design student wants to convert UK skyscraper into methanol plant

In the UK, a design student at the Royal College of Art wants to transform London’s BT Tower into a pollution collection system that in turn produces methanol from the carbon emissions collected. The proposed system would produce 100 metric tons of methanol annually.  The student wants to see the system replicated across all skyscrapers.

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World Rally Championship to race on gas-ethanol-methanol blend

In the UK, the World Rally Championship is switching its rally cars to run on biofuel beginning with the Acropolis Rally of Greece on May 31. The company who supplies the Ford Fiesta cars for the races, M-Sport, did trial runs on GEM fuel last year. GEM fuel is a blend of gasoline, ethanol and […]

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The lowdown on methanol and dimethyl ester as advanced biofuels

Methanol and DME – intermediates of great interest – can they make it as finished fuels? Robert Rapier gives us the hard data and the bottom line. By: Robert Rapier, Energy Trends Insider In the past few issues of Energy Trends Insider, I looked at some of the companies and the technologies involved in producing […]

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Air Fuel Synthesis demo unit produces methanol fuel

In the UK, Air Fuel Synthesis announced that its demonstration unit fuel reactor has produced methanol fuels from carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and also from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The production of these first liquid hydrocarbon fuels – a real alternative to fossil fuels – completes a critical stage in the development of the AFS […]

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BioMCN signs Vertis, Nordic Green for sales of biomethanol

In the Netherlands, Vertis Environmental Finance and Nordic Green  signed agency agreements with BioMCN for the representation and sales of bio- methanol in Europe. Vertis will exclusively sell BioMCN’s bio-methanol product in Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. Nordic green has signed for representation and sales of bio-methanol in the Nordic (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, […]

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