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Novozymes, Monsanto complete closing for BioAg Alliance

In Denmark, Novozymes and Monsanto announced the completed closing of the The BioAg Alliance, as originally announced on December 10, 2013. Both companies will now focus on implementing the long-term strategic alliance. The BioAg Alliance is unique in the industry, bringing together Novozymes’ commercial BioAg operations and capabilities within microbial discovery, development and production with […]

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Monsanto reports net income of $368 million for first quarter of 2013

In Missouri, Monsanto reported on track results for the first quarter of its fiscal year as the company reaffirmed its earnings growth and free cash flow guidance for fiscal year 2014. For Q1, Monsanto reported a net income of $368 million, compared to $339 million for the same quarter in 2013. Monsanto also confirmed its […]

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Heard on the Floor at Bio Pac Rim: Sapphire Energy, Philipps 66, Monsanto, Novozymes, Braskem and Genomatica unveil key tie-ups

Three Hot 30 / Hot 50 companies partner with giants in agriculture, chemicals and petroleum. In California, three major tie-ups between top-ranked developing bioeconomy darlings and old-line giants were the buzz on the second day of BIO’s annual Pac-Rim event in San Diego. Just after word about Sapphire Energy and Philipps 66′s tie-up was announced, […]

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Turning Algae’s Golden Corner: Triton, Sapphire Energy, Heliae, Rincon, and Monsanto

How and why a foundational technology led to Sapphire, then spun out again and led to Triton, and attracted investment from Heliae. It seems a long time ago now that, out of Dr. Steve Mayfield’s lab at Scripps and later at the University of California at San Diego, a series of discoveries made it possible, […]

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Monsanto pledges additional $3 Million for Corn Rootworm Research

In Missouri, Monsanto Company has pledged an additional $3 million to support academic research on corn rootworm. With this funding, the Corn Rootworm Knowledge Research Program, which started in early 2013, extends the program to 2016. The program provides merit-based awards of up to $250,000 per year (for up to three years) for outstanding research […]

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Monsanto announces $2 billion share repurchase program, declares dividend

In Missouri, Monsanto announced a new three-year share repurchase program and declared a quarterly dividend. Monsanto’s board authorized a new share repurchase program, effective July 1, for up to $2 billion of the company’s common stock over a three-year period. The new program will commence at the completion of Monsanto’s existing $1 billion share repurchase program, […]

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Biofuels Short Takes: Bowman v. Monsanto ruling from SCOTUS

Monsanto IP protection case. In Washington, in a unanimous ruling delivered today, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed its support for protecting U.S. innovations – in this case, ruling that an Indiana farmer had to pay a fee to Monsanto to use its genetically modified soybeans to make new seeds. Writing the unanimous decision, Justice Elena […]

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Monsanto announces $400 million expansion plan at Chesterfield Village Research Center

In Missouri, Monsanto announced plans to bring together its St. Louis-based  industry-leading research and development team on one campus when it completes a more than $400 million expansion at its Chesterfield Village Research Center. The company plans to begin work this summer and expects to add 675 jobs across St. Louis County over the next […]

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Monsanto seed patent case to appear before Supreme Court

In Washington, Monsanto’s seed patent will appear before the Supreme Court tomorrow. The case addresses the ownership of seeds under patents, particularly whether the seed from the company’s Roundup Ready soybeans can be legally replanted— the financial implications on farmers and the biotech industry alike could be enormous. Said Cathy Enright, a representative from BIO, […]

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Monsanto buys activities of Israel’s Rosetta Green for $35M

In Missouri, Monsanto is acquiring the activities of Israeli crop bioengineering company Rosetta Green for $35 million. The employees will all be offered continued employment with Monsanto but Rosetta Green will be left without corporate activities and will be an empty shell company in Tel Aviv. The company’s core technology centers on MicroRNAs, which are short RNA […]

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