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Enerkem inaugurates full-scale MSW-to-ethanol facility in Alberta

In Canada, Enerkem officially inaugurated its first full-scale municipal waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility in Edmonton, Alberta. This facility, operated by Enerkem Alberta Biofuels, is among the world’s first commercial facilities to be built for the production of renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels. During its construction, more than 600 direct and indirect jobs were created for […]

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Phuket seeking $22.6 million to build MSW-to-biofuel facility

In Thailand, Phuket’s Provincial Administration Organization is seeking $22.6 million to build a waste-to-biofuel facility that would use the entire island’s MSW as feedstock. Funding for the project will be sought from the national Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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Enerkem’s Mississippi MSW-to-ethanol plant remains stalled

In Mississippi, the proposed Enerkem MSW-to-ethanol plant in Pontotoc remains delayed, five years after the project was still announced. The company says it still has ever intention of developing the project that is based on its 10 million gallon per year facility in Edmonton, Alberta. Several million dollars have been invested in the project so […]

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Three companies shortlisted to develop Canadian city’s MSW-to-fuel plant

In Canada, Iris Solutions, Plenary Harvest Surrey and Urbaser S.A. have been shortlisted from an original group of 11 companies to invest in, build and operate the city of Surrey’s $60 million residential kitchen and yard waste into renewable fuel project. The fuel is destined to power the city’s garbage collection vehicles.

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Elementa Group to build 10MW MSW-to-energy plant in Ontario

In Canada, Elementa Group will set up a 10MW waste-to-energy facility in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. following an agreement with the Ontario Power Authority. The facility will use 12,500 metric tons of MSW annually while the energy will be sold to the grid under a 20-year PPA with OPA. Construction of the facility is expected […]

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New MSW biodiesel facility to set up shop in Spain

In Spain, a new company using MSW as feedstock to produce biodiesel and biochar will set up shop in Ribera de Ebro. The company will submit its application for permission by the end of the month, with renovation of an existing building to start in the spring so that biodiesel production can begin by the […]

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Iowa City may be the next MSW-to-ethanol project for Fiberight

In Iowa, Iowa City is looking for permission to start negotiations with Fiberight to set up MSW-to-ethanol production, much in the way Marion has already done. The City held an RFP earlier this year and Fiberight was the only company to respond. The company says it can reduce the amount of waste going into the […]

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Solena Fuels seeks to produce aviation fuel from Chennai’s MSW

In India, Solena Fuels is in discussions with city authorities in Chennai to use the city’s 5,000 tons of MSW per day to produce 120 million liters of aviation biofuel and 45 million liters of diesel per year. The facility would cost $450 million to build with an eight year ROI. Solena’s technology is syngas-based […]

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Abengoa wants to process all of Seville’s MSW into biofuel

In Spain, Abengoa is looking to launch its MSW-to-ethanol technology at commercial scale by processing the entire city waste produced in Seville. The facility will produce 28 million liters of biofuel per year from half a million metric tons of waste. Construction cost for the plant is expected at around 120 million euros; it will have […]

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Maryland county teams with AFI on MSW-to-energy

In Maryland, Washington County, Md. is partnering with America First, Inc. (AFI) to launch a waste-to-renewable energy initiative, which utilizes municipal solid waste (MSW) and converts it into a fuel source, at no cost to the County. Washington County is poised to become a model for other counties in the State, and a national and […]

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