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Petrobras teams with Embrapa to develop temperate cane for ethanol in south

In Brazil, Petrobras is teaming with Embrapa to develop sugarcane varieties that will be successful in temperate climates, especially in Rio Grande do Sul state with the aim of producing ethanol there. Currently that state imports 100% of its ethanol consumption from other states.  

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Petrobras: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Petrobras is a state-owned (partly) owner/operator of fossil and renewable energy production and distribution, including both sugarcane ethanol and biodiesel operations. Announced that it was not seeking to acquire distressed ethanol companies but would establish partnerships where appropriate to support development of the national ethanol industry. According to Petrobras management, the state oil giant would […]

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Petrobras to invest $2.33M in EMBRAPA research for Rio Grande do Sul

In Brazil, Petrobras has signed a $2.33 million research deal with EMBRAPA to develop better cane varieties for Rio Grande do Sul state and develop efficient production systems to allow the region to participate in ethanol production. The agreement includes technical support from ANP’s research arm Cenpes and will be funded by Petrobras.

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Hottets Companies: Petrobras

Voting for Petrobras in the Hot 50 or Hot 30 Rankings You can vote on the web for this company in the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy or the 30 Hottest Companies in Biobased Chemicals and Materials — by clicking on the icons above to “Like” or “Tweet” this page. Any web votes you record […]

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Petrobras seen benefiting from ethanol boost but mills not so much

In Brazil, Bloomberg New Energy Finance says rising ethanol production will mean 20% fewer petroleum imports for Petrobras this year, who will benefit significantly. UNICA says that the huge fall in sugar prices won’t be offset by the increase in ethanol demand, however.

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Petrobras seen producing 29% more ethanol during 2013/14

In Brazil, Petrobras expects to produce 29% more ethanol during the 2013/14 sugarcane crush that’s set to start in April, with 280 million gallons. The production boost is thanks to more area planted to cane and better weather which should also help increase yields.

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Petrobras’ shipyard to build 20 ethanol barges nearly ready

In Brazil, Petrobras’ transportation arm Transpetro is getting ready to launch its shipyard in Aracatuba, in Sao Paulo state that will build $400 million worth of barges meant to transport ethanol. The 20 barges will transport ethanol along the Tiete-Parana waterway starting in 2013, doubling the river’s capacity and replacing 80,000 round-trip truck trips.

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Petrobras’ decision to pull out of ethanol pipeline makes industry wary

In Brazil, Petrobras’ decision to pull out of its ethanol pipeline project is being seen by some analysts as proof that the Brazilian government is preferring to focus on it’s pre-salt oil discoveries rather than put its investment in ethanol. Transportation by pipeline could reduce the cost of ethanol by 7 centavos per liter over […]

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Petrobras to begin Mozambican ethanol production in 2014

In Mozambique, Petrobras expects to begin ethanol production as soon as 2014 with construction of the $20 million distillery set to begin in early 2013. The 20 million liter per year molasses-based facility will be built via Guarani, Petrobras’ local sugarcane partner.

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Petrobras completes B20 motor testing

In Brazil, Petrobras has completed a series of tests looking at B20 blends in two different motors in an attempt to support moves to boost biodiesel blending to 20% from current 5%. The test vehicles, two running on B5 and two running on B20, have completed more than 100,000 kilometers in the past year in […]

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