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Dyadic launches Fibrezyme G4 enzyme for pulp industry

In Florida, Dyadic has announced that it has launched Fibrezyme G4, a high performance cellulase enzyme product designed to enhance paper and textile quality. The enzyme has shown to reduce energy requirements and increase production rates for pulp and paper manufacturers. Dyadic Chief Operating Officer Danai Brooks commented: “We expect two key markets to be […]

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Canada to jointly develop new micro-processing for pulp mills

In Canada, the Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy s partnering with GreenField Specialty Alcohols to test and develop a technology that, if successful, will lead to significant economic and operational gains for pulp mills by providing new revenue streams as well as a more efficient way to perform current processes. This is […]

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Swedish project aims to produce bio-oil from pulp mill black liquor lignin

In Sweden, biorefinery R&D project number 100 has now started in the Swedish Processum cluster, aimed at thermochemically converting lignin from black liquor to bio oil. It is run by the Swedish-Norwegian cooperation project “Biorefinery Midscandinavia” and the project partners are Processum Biorefinery Initiative, PFI, Metsä Board Sweden, Viken Skog (a Norwegian forest owner association) […]

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Researchers use sugar beet pulp for new thermoplastic for food packaging

In Washington, the USDA announced that Agricultural Research Service scientists incorporated biodegradable sugar beet pulp, which is the leftover residue from sugar extraction, with a biodegradable polymer. The result is thermoplastic composites that retain mechanical properties similar to polystyrene and polypropylene, the compounds used to make white, spongy food packages. Processors generate tons of sugar […]

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Portuguese researchers investigate carob pulp as biofuel feedstock

In Portugal, researchers at Algarve University have teamed with the local carob industry to explore the use of carob waste as a feedstock for biofuel. The project explores fermentation technology for the production of second-generation bio ethanol using the residue of carob pulp, which is high in sugar content.

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Thai innovation agency teams with Japanese on cassava pulp trial

In Thailand, the National Innovation Agency has teamed with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan to launch a pilot project that will use cassava pulp as a feedstock for ethanol, thanks to a $9 million R&D grant, and will focus on hydrolysis of starch and cellulose for industrial production of ethanol.

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Canadian researcher aims to create biofuel from pulp waste

In Canada, Lakehead University professor Pedram Fatehi has received a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council in support of his process to produce biofuels from pulp paper waste. “We’re are not utilizing (that resource)î he says. ìWe are wasting it.”  He recently received $120,000 from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council […]

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Canadian researcher gets grant for pulp waste biofuels.

In Canada, a professor from Lakehead University has won a five-year grant for $120,000 from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council to develop biofuels out of liquid waste produced by pulp mills.

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YFY says biopulping straw residue can doubling global pulp supply

In China, after more than 10 years of research and development, YFY announced that it has moved NPulp from green chemistry concept to reality.  Through biopulping – a proprietary enzymatic process that eliminates the use of harsh chemicals when converting straw to straw pulp – YFY Corp. plans to take advantage of the more than […]

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Pulp Non-Fiction: Biofuels a ray of sunshine in a gloomy season

As the pulp and paper industry reels from the internet’s impact, biofuels and renewable chemicals are offering value-adds, waste remediation, and new markets In Florida, the affable Rod Young, perhaps the most pre-eminent analyst and forecaster in the pulp & paper industry (and chief economic adviser for RISI, and a pretty good vintner to boot) […]

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