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USDA researchers simplify pyrolysis process

In Pennsylvania, innovations at the USDA are bringing researchers one step closer to developing “green” biofuel production systems farmers can use to meet on-farm energy needs, or to produce renewable fuels for commercial markets. The researchers modified the standard pyrolysis process by gradually replacing nitrogen gas in the processing chamber with the gases produced during pyrolysis. […]

April 17, 2014 More

Empyro BV begins construction of pyrolysis oil production plant

In the Netherlands, Empyro BV has begun construction of its pyrolysis oil production plant at the AkzoNobel site and expects construction to be completed by the end of the year. Full capacity for the facility will be 20 million litres of pyrolysis oil per year. Investments for design and construction of the Empyro plant come […]

February 10, 2014 More

Is it the future of fuel? New Battelle mobile pyrolysis unit nets 130 gallons of bio-oil per ton

If you can’t afford to bring the biomass to the refinery, why not bring the refinery to the biomass? A new, farm-scale mobile pyrolysis may travel by 18-wheeler — munching feedstock, making fuels. In Ohio, Battelle engineers and scientists have developed a mobile device that transforms residues such as wood chips or agricultural waste into […]

November 11, 2013 More

ARS Scientists Develop Improved System to lower oxygen levels in pyrolysis-based biofuels, without catalysts

In Pennsylvania, ARS chemist Charles Mullen, lead scientist Akwasi Boateng, and mechanical engineer Neil Goldberg recently filed a patent application for a new system that removes much of the oxygen from bio-oils without introducing catalysts. The three scientists work at the ARS Eastern Regional Research Center in Wyndmoor, Pa. The team conducted their small pilot-scale […]

July 11, 2013 More

BTG showcases new pyrolysis process for renewable diesel

In the Netherlands, BTG announced that it has developed a process to produce a renewable diesel from second-generation biomass. Henk Kamp, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, took a ride in BTG’s 4-wheel drive vehicle, traveling on wood-based pyrolysis-diesel during a visit to Enschede on last week. This program is financed by the private sector […]

June 17, 2013 More

Johnson Matthey, NREL agree on 5-year, $7M effort on pyrolysis

In Colorado, Johnson Matthey and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory announced a five-year, $7 million effort to economically produce drop-in gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from non-food biomass feedstocks. The goal is to improve vapor phase upgrading during the biomass pyrolysis process in order to lower costs and speed production of lignocellulose-based fuels – a […]

December 17, 2012 More

DOE announces $12M funding opportunity for bio-oil, pyrolysis R&D

In Washington, the US Department of Energy announced up to $12 million for up to five R&D projects that will improve the carbon, hydrogen, and separation efficiencies in bio-oil production and upgrade processes. The aim of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (DE-FOA-0000812) is also to boost biofuel yields from non-food-based lignocellulosic feedstocks such as agricultural residue, […]

December 17, 2012 More

RTI begins construction on facility to replace petroleum with pine tree pyrolysis oil

In North Carolina, RTI International has started construction on its new 3,000-square-foot energy technology development facility at its main campus in Research Triangle Park. The project is possible thanks to a $7.1 million research grant from the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The […]

October 16, 2012 More

Monster Downloads: Algae, jatropha, jet fuel, pyrolysis and bio-based chemicals lead Top 12 list

The usual suspects, the unusual and some downright shockers amongst the industrial biotech industry’s top downloaded reads. Since the establishment of the Bioenergy Information Zone two years ago, Digest readers have requested a total of 868,880 downloads from our free collection of reports, presentations, and studies. The downloads, out of the 376 files available, form […]

March 12, 2012 More

Advances with ZSM-5 catalysts could transform pyrolysis biofuels

In Germany and the US, researchers have independently discovered that using a zeolite known as ZSM-5 impregnated with metal nanoparticles can reduce the catalysts needed to transform bio-oil into useful hydrocarbons to just one. Johannes Lercher at the Technical University of Munich in Germany used nickel nanoparticles, while George Huber from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst […]

February 7, 2012 More