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Total, Amyris say their renewable jet fuel is ready to go

Renewable Jet Fuel Developed by Total & Amyris Meets Newly Updated ASTM Standard for Jet A/A1 The Digest received news from California that ASTM has revised the D7566, the Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons to include the use of renewable farnesane as a blending component in jet fuels for commercial aviation. […]

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Delta signs with Carbon War Room to advance renewable jet fuel

From Washington, The Digest has learned that Delta Air Lines is partnering with the Carbon War Room, a nonprofit organization founded by Sir Richard Branson, in an effort to accelerate low-carbon jet fuel production worldwide. This is part of the global carrier’s commitment to environmental accountability, transparency and carbon emission reduction. The organizations, which have […]

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How to sell renewable jet fuel to airlines

Why are airlines interested in commercial-scale alternative jet fuel production? What are the airlines’ requirements for contemplating the purchase of alternative jet fuel?  What are airlines willing to do to help commercialize alternative jet fuel? What does a “term sheet” look like? What is the best way to engage with airlines? CAAFI’s new 7-page guide tells all. By […]

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Amyris: Can their renewable jet fuel ever be affordable?

In the Digest mailbag, we’ve been getting a fair amount of feedback to our coverage of Amyris’s advances in renewable jet fuel. In our article, we pointed out the growing gap between the price of sugar and jet fuel over the past ten years — giving credence to the use of sugar as a feedstock […]

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Sugar High: Total, Amyris, Airbus complete sugar-based renewable jet fuel flight at Paris Air Show

Landmark flight for sugar-based renewable jet fuel — what’s the future?  As the technology and downstream market matures, the big question is feedstock costs. And they’re trending nicely. In France, Amyris and Total announced a successful demonstration flight at the Paris Air Show its renewable jet fuel made from Amyris Biofene and, ultimately, from plant […]

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United Airlines and AltAir to Use Renewable Jet Fuel at LAX

In California, United Airlines will purchase at least 15 million gallons of renewable jet fuel from AltAir Fuels, a Los Angeles-based refinery. The fuel will be used for flights out of United’s LAX hub starting in 2014. AltAir Fuels is planning to retrofit the idled portions of its Paramount petroleum refinery to produce renewable jet […]

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SkyNRG supplies renewable jet fuel to Cessna test flight

In Rhode Island, SkyNRG has supplied used cooking oil-based renewable jet fuel to a group of small plane enthusiasts who modified a Cessna 182 that the pilots say gets up to 40% better fuel efficiency than a standard model. They flew the plane over the weekend with a partial blend of renewable jet fuel and […]

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NASA starts renewable jet fuel tests on DC-8s

In Washington, NASA researchers have begun a series of flights using the agency’s DC-8 flying laboratory to study the effects of alternate biofuel on engine performance, emissions and aircraft-generated contrails at altitude. The Alternative Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise Emissions (ACCESS) research involves flying the DC-8 as high as 40,000 feet while an instrumented […]

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Neste Oil to produce renewable jet fuel from Spanish camelina

In Finland, Neste Oil will produce 4,000 metric tons per year of renewable jet fuel using sustainable Spanish camelina oil and used cooking oil under the EU-funded ITAKI project. The three-year project received $13.2 million and will feed into the 2 million ton renewable jet fuel initiative European Aviation Biofuels Flightpath.

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Aemetis and Chevron announce new renewable jet and diesel fuel agreement

In California, Aemetis has announced an expanded, global license agreement with Chevron for renewable jet and diesel fuel. The expanded license grants Aemetis the use of an isoconversion process to produce fuels that meet the necessary ASTM requirements for 100% replacement, renewable jet fuel, and diesel in Aemetis biorefineries. “This agreement will enable Aemetis to […]

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