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At least three sugarcane ethanol projects planned for South Africa

In South Africa, at least three project developers are looking to set up sugarcane-based ethanol around KwaZulu Natal. An unnamed investor will reportedly American and Brazilian interests is looking at 30,000ha of irrigated sugar cane around Makhatini, Ubuhle Renewable Energy is looking to develop a 50 million liter per year facility in Siqakatha, while Silvapen […]

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Indian sugarcane research institute releases energy cane varieties

In India, the Sugarcane Breeding Institute has developed varieties of energy cane, including a high fiber and low sugar variety that can be used by existing sugarcane mills suitable for first generation ethanol and co-generation power, and an even higher fiber, high biomass variety suitable for cellulosic ethanol and co-gen.  

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Ceres to evaluate biotech traits for sugarcane in South America

In California, Ceres will evaluate a number of its biotech traits in sugarcane in South America. Plantings were recently completed and preliminary performance observations will be available by the end of the year. Ceres expects to receive sugar yield results in the second half of 2015 when the first growing cycle is completed. Sugarcane provides […]

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Villagers torch 14ha of Green Fuel sugarcane

  In Zimbabwe, villagers have burned 14ha of sugarcane belonging to Green Fuel as retribution for allegedly encroaching on their land. The violence is thought to be fueled by criticism from four European NGOs recently pressuring the company’s founder to stop “victimizing” the villagers.  

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Addax Bioenergy begins producing sugarcane ethanol

In Sierra Leone, Addax Bioenergy announced that its facility in Makeni, Sierra Leone, has started producing sugarcane bioethanol and renewable electricity. It will produce 85,000 m3 of bioethanol per year by end 2016. The pioneering project involves the development of a Greenfield 10,000 hectare sugarcane plantation, the construction of a bioethanol refinery and a biomass-fuelled […]

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Brazilian sugarcane land prices soaring despite industry weakness

In Brazil, land values in sugarcane areas are on the rise despite the fact that the industry is suffering. Sao Martinho said Deloitte valued a 58,000ha farm in Sao Paulo in February 68% higher than the last valuation in December 2011. On average, land prices appearing to be increasing about 20% per year.

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Suriname’s Staatsolie scaling up sugarcane ethanol pilot

In Suriname, the state-owned oil company Staatsolie is looking to scale-up a pilot project it undertook jointly with Brazil that produced ethanol from sugarcane. Now the company wants to grow 300ha of cane on old rice fields. It’s preparing to put out an EPC contract to tender to produce sugar, ethanol and electricity.

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South African sugarcane producers say ethanol needs subsidies

In South Africa, the country’s sugarcane growers association says that the government would need to subsidize investment in ethanol or else the industry wouldn’t be able to begin production. Domestic supply wouldn’t be jeopardized by ethanol production, but sugar exports would likely be reduced to compensate for diversion of cane juice.

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Brazilians set to invest in $119 million sugarcane ethanol plant in South Africa

In South Africa, South African-Brazilian company Silvapen Group plans to invest in a $119 million sugar-to-ethanol plant that will use 15,000ha of sugarcane as feedstock. The facility is planned to produce 1.5 million cubic liters of ethanol in addition to 94MW of electricity, of which 84MW will be exported to the grid. Experts expect that […]

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MSU leads research on cold-tolerant sugarcane with high oil content

In Michigan, a multi-institutional team reports that it can increase sugarcane’s geographic range, boost its photosynthetic rate by 30 percent and turn it into an oil-producing crop for biodiesel production. Working first with the laboratory-friendly plant Arabidopsis and later with sugarcane, the team introduced genes that boost natural oil production in the plant. They increased […]

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