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  1. Biofuels Digest Index surges to 68.56 as advanced biofuels rally
  2. Four Freedoms for the 21st Century
  3. Boeing, COMAC open facility to transform ‘gutter oil’ into aviation biofuel
  4. Maine exploring Fiberight’s technology for 187 towns’ MSW
  5. Brazil starts importing ethanol early in the season, could hit 600 million liters
  6. EIA says September ethanol production fell to six-month low
  7. BlueFire Renewable secures up to $270 million from China EXIM
  8. Bio-based materials and chemicals could see $1 billion in investments in 2014
  9. EU’s biofuel supply chain group demands 2030 blending targets
  10. Norwegian researchers producing biocrude from kelp
  11. CBO sees RFS compliance becoming increasingly more difficult
  12. 4 Minutes With… Steve Weiss, Grey Heron
  13. Enerkem: Alberta’s municipal waste to fuels juggernaut, in pictures
  14. 4 Minutes With…Seth Snyder, Water Initiative Leader, Argonne National Laboratory
  15. Biofuels Digest Index falls to 67.72 despite an advanced biofuels surge
  16. Boeing and CACC open aviation biofuel demo plant
  17. Biocom secures 20-year offtake agreement for entire electricity production
  18. Urban Air Initiative analysis says EPA calculation on fuels flawed
  19. US Circuit Court throws out API’s E15 case again
  20. Blue Ridge Biofuels releases comprehensive guide to using biodiesel
  21. Vale expects to begin biodiesel production in 2016
  22. WSU and PNNL develop new biofuel catalyst
  23. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington sue EPA over RFS
  24. ExxonMobil joins the Pyromaniax
  25. The cool of CoolTerra
  26. 4 Minutes With… Steve Csonka, Executive Director, CAAFI (Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative)
  27. Biofuels Digest Index jumps to 68.29 as advanced biofuels gain
  28. Air France launches 10% blend route to spotlight need for more supply
  29. Philippines biomass power company to launch IPO
  30. QCCP gets EPA certification for D3 RIN generation
  31. New report looks at global cellulosic ethanol market through 2018
  32. Zimbabwe’s Hippo Valley Estates to boost ethanol production
  33. Companies team in South Carolina to grow, produce and sell biofuels
  34. USDA ARS researchers looking into boost cellulosic biofuel yields
  35. Iowa legislature to look at tax credits for using biofuel byproducts in chemicals
  36. Industrial biotechnology’s 2014 in pictures: The Year of Steel
  37. Robust Economic Opportunities in the U.S. Biobased Economy
  38. 4 Minutes With…Sebastian Scaparro, Business developer and administration manager, ALS Bioenergy
  39. Biofuels Digest Index rallies to 67.40 as ethanol equities and enzymes gain
  40. Methes Energies shipped 22 railcars of biodiesel since Sept. 1