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  1. Robust Economic Opportunities in the U.S. Biobased Economy
  2. 4 Minutes With…Sebastian Scaparro, Business developer and administration manager, ALS Bioenergy
  3. Biofuels Digest Index rallies to 67.40 as ethanol equities and enzymes gain
  4. Methes Energies shipped 22 railcars of biodiesel since Sept. 1
  5. Pacific Biodiesel back to supplying marine customers
  6. Platts says not charged with wrongdoing by the European Commission
  7. Hong Kong’s biodiesel industry wants tighter regulations for waste cooking oil
  8. BDI – BioEnergy International gets refit project in California
  9. Contaminated biodiesel sorted out at Texas truck stop
  10. Indo-US Advanced Bioenergy Consortium for Second Generation Biofuels launched
  11. Institute for Energy Research says new definition of cellulosic shows RFS broken
  12. Embrapa, Evogene ink research collab to improve castor oil cultivation in Brazil
  13. ZeaChem, Leaf Resources sign collaboration agreement for Leaf Glycell
  14. Covanta retired COO, CTO John Klett receives Medal of Achievement
  15. Ansell completes second biomass boiler at Sri Lanka facility
  16. Amyris, Solazyme win EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Award
  17. US ethanol imports bounce back to 3000 b/d
  18. Missing Link awarded four patents for algae biomass technology
  19. National Algae Association releases scathing critique of DOE, Washington
  20. Abengoa opens world’s largest cellulosic biorefinery, as US Energy Secretary Moniz says “Let’s get going!” on advanced biofuels.
  21. Highway 51 Revisited: Abengoa’s Kansas biorefinery, in pictures
  22. 4 Minutes With…Joost Dubois, Director Branding & Communications, Bio-based Products, DSM
  23. Biofuels Digest Index rallies to 66.63 as large caps and enzymes recover
  24. The Advanced Bioeconomy Dashboard for 10/20/14: equities, fuels, chemicals, and feedstock prices and data
  25. Maple Energy gets solid offer from Graña y Montero and Alcogroup
  26. European Commission raided Alcogroup as well in price fixing investigation
  27. NWE ethanol premium hits 11-month high over gasoline
  28. Indonesia sees biodiesel blending reducing diesel imports by 28.6%
  29. Gale’s Gas Bars debuts E30 in Ontario
  30. Ethanol prices supported by higher corn futures
  31. University of Wisconsin researchers look at biomass for fuel and bird habitat
  32. Ethanol companies supporting Brazil’s presidential opposition candidate
  33. Biofuels Digest Index jumps to 65.54 as advanced biofuels rally
  34. Breaking the cycle of “agricultural landfill”: can cellulosic ethanol offer a path to more no-till farming?
  35. DuPont, Ethanol Europe Renewables ink pact for cellulosic ethanol in Macedonia
  36. 4 Minutes With…Joanne M. Ivancic, President, Advanced Biofuels USA
  37. Scottish macroalgae study stalls on lack of algae
  38. GranBio to soon announce partner for second cellulosic ethanol plant
  39. VIASPACE takes Giant King Grass to the Philippines
  40. Indonesia’s E1 blend seeing ethanol flow rise to a trickle