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  1. Up in the Air: Can aviation save the Renewable Fuel Standard?
  2. 4 Minutes With…Blake Simmons, CSTO, VP-Deconstruction Division, Joint BioEnergy Institute
  3. Biofuels Digest Index drops 1.12 to 77.05 as ethanol equities tank anew
  4. Chevron’s biofuel search explored 100 feedstocks and 50 processes
  5. New ethanol plant may be sited in South Dakota
  6. DuPont chooses Murex to market cellulosic ethanol from Iowa facility
  7. INEOS BIO to bring Florida facility back online
  8. Brazilian UCO to biodiesel producer to start collecting from 800 McDonalds
  9. Vermont to start producing biodiesel from sunflower
  10. University of Wyoming research looks at metal catalysts for biofuel production
  11. Iowa hoping Biden hasn’t switched sides on RFS in favor of Carlyle Group
  12. Frost & Sullivan says higher vehicles sales driving biofuel consumption
  13. Illinois Corn Marketing Board leads drive for higher ethanol blends
  14. Lufthansa runs Berlin to Frankfurt flight on 10% farnesan
  15. ICM subsidiary signs agreements to manage to ethanol plants
  16. RFA submits comments to CARB on new version of GREET model
  17. NFR BioEnergy to invest $312 million to install biorefineries at 10 sugar hubs
  18. Brazil launches first ethanol-powered rocket
  19. USDA chief says Obama administration still behind 15 billion gallon ethanol goal
  20. 4 Rules for Becoming an Investment Winner in industrial biotech
  21. 4 Minutes With…Bill Radany, CEO, Verdezyne
  22. Biofuels Digest Index flat at 77.92 despite an advanced biofuels plunge
  23. Pacific Ethanol to Sell CO2 From Its Boardman, Oregon ethanol plant
  24. Planet E85 reports four new Speedway service stations with E85 pumps
  25. Quang Nai is first province of Vietnam to meet requirement to sell E5 blends 
  26. Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) launches new website
  27. Solarvest signs agreements with two unnamed EU production facilities
  28. Taurus Energy, CIMV ink partnership for EU-based cellulosic ethanol demo plant
  29. S&W Seed expects to file patents for stevia varieties with improved taste and higher yield
  30. Harper Government invests in Canada’s bioproducts sector
  31. A looming cellulosic feedstock shortage?
  32. 4 Minutes With…John M. May, Managing Director, Stern Brothers & Co, industry financier
  33. Biofuels Digest Index drops to 77.85 as chemical equities wither
  34. Celtic Renewables wins top award for whisky by-product biobutanol
  35. Chempolis, NRL sign MOU for Indian bamboo ethanol plant
  36. Gerry Nuovo named Rivertop VP for Market Development- Consumer Products
  37. Honolulu City aims for full biodiesel-based mass transit system
  38. Fuels America debuts USA Today RFS ad as API gears up for media blitz
  39. USDA predicts corn harvest at 14.4 billion bushels with yield of 171 bushels per acre
  40. Bioindustrial Innovation Canada receives $7m from federal AgriInnovation program