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  1. The 14 hottest slides from ABLC on financing biofuels, from early-stage to commercial projects
  2. ABLC buzzes about finance, government actions, chemicals, carbon, and technology advances
  3. Biofuels Digest Index jumps to 80.60 as advanced biofuels surge
  4. PDC and partners patent new class of aviation biofuel components
  5. Gevo teams with Lufthansa to test aviation biofuel
  6. Indonesian crude palm exports soar 13% in March
  7. Fuels America launches “Oil Rigged” campaign
  8. Vireol selects Murex to market ethanol from Virginia plant
  9. Indian food processor to invest US$65.7 million corn ethanol plant
  10. Carnegie researchers create tool to ID photosynthesis genes
  11. Argentina may drop biodiesel taxes until EU lifts anti-dumping duties
  12. Biofuels Digest Index rises to 78.70 as enzymes equities advance
  13. Hot slides from ABLC’s opening day
  14. ABLC buzzes about biofuels policy, Administration support, chemicals, and lignin
  15. REG passes 1 billion gallon milestone
  16. Superior court judges hit Green Power where it hurts
  17. Cuba to receive award for progress in implementing biofuels
  18. Discover Minerals in JV with Syngar in industrial hemp deal
  19. Embry-Riddle students build hybrid electric-biodiesel that gets 100MPG
  20. Incbio delivers 8,000MT per year biodiesel plant to Tunisia
  21. University of Nebraska-Lincoln says GHG of stover ethanol worse than gasoline
  22. US Senator wants DDGs removed from proposed FDA rule
  23. Flash News from ABLC 2014: Verdezyne reaches key production milestone
  24. Biofuels in Aviation: To fly or not to fly?
  25. LanzaTech, Cool Planet win two 2014 Transformative Awards each as winners announced in DC
  26. The Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference 2014 preview
  27. American Process sells the first woody biomass cellulosic ethanol RINS
  28. Minnesota orders to ethanol plant owners to pay $10,000 fine
  29. ISO developing 60 standards for solid biofuels
  30. Marine Stewardship Council developing sustainability standard for algae
  31. Maine approves $16 million bond for Thermogen start-up project
  32. NASA to host briefing on alternative fuels for flight
  33. Solena Fuels chooses site in Essex for aviation biofuel facility
  34. USDA researchers simplify pyrolysis process
  35. EPA taking comments on ADM’s carbon sequester plan at Illinois ethanol plant
  36. Biofuels Digest Index climbs to 78.10 as ethanol equities rally
  37. Brazil: Biofuels Digest’s 10 Top Trends for 2014
  38. Liquid Light: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide
  39. Canada: Biofuels Digest’s Spring 2014 5-Minute Guide – Bioindustrial Innovation Canada launched
  40. Pacific Ethanol pays off the rest of its corporate debt