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Biofuels Digest’s SuperData Free Access Service  includes perennial favorite lists, rankings, databases, downloads, round-ups and background reports. Including:

SuperData Free Access Global Biofuels Plant list - 966 plants, worldwide — address, city, state, zip, country, technology, fuel produced, capacity, feedstock and website.

Plus more than 150 free downloads including:

Rankings and Hot Data
Biofuels Digest data
Energy Outlooks
Supply, Demand & Economics
US national and state reports and forecasts
International reports and forecasts
Legal Matters
Policy documents
Industry Presentations of Note
Feedstocks in Focus

Accessing the data

SuperData Free Access is available on a complimentary basis to Digest subscribers. The passwords and access links are published each day in The Digest newsletter. For a free subscription to The Digest, click here.

About SuperData Gold Access

A tool for business development, competitive analysis, and forecasting. More than 5 billion gallons in capacity being tracked.

The inside scoop on the technologies, the timelines, the teams. From the most widely-read biofuels daily.

Biofuels Digest SuperData Gold Access offers comprehensive data on 300+ advanced bioenergy projects, and 3000+ people working on those technologies.

What you get

SuperData Gold Access – PROJECTS - 311 advanced bioenergy projects through 2018 – company, location, capacity, processing technology, feedstock, projected completion dates, and project notes.


SuperData Gold AccessPEOPLE – 3000+ people working at/on the 311 advanced bioenergy projects through 2018 – names, titles, company, contact details.


SuperData Gold AccessCOMPANY PROFILES – 50+ advanced bioenergy companies – company description, milestones, projects, offtake partners, processing technology overviews, current and planned capacity, project locations, feedstocks and target molecules.


Ideal for:

  • CEOs
  • Financiers
  • Business development
  • Analysts
  • Industry consultants
  • Regulators and government officials


Your 2014 SuperData Gold Access subscription entitles you to all downloads and all updates through 12/31/2014.


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Your 2014 SuperData Gold Access subscription entitles you to all downloads and all updates through 12/31/2014.

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