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Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference, ABLCNext 2014 website launches, agenda released –

In Florida, the website and networking hun for the 2014 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference, ABLC Next, launched today. ABLCNext will be held in San Francisco, November 10-12, 2014. Get the speaker, session, registration details by clicking here.    Conference highlights NEXTStore. We’re building NEXTStore: The Store of the Future right inside ABLCNext – where you […]

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Lesaffre acquires Butalco: will the race for sustainable butanol ever be the same?

We look at why yeast giant Lesaffre acquired this development-stage Swiss company and its yeast enhancement technology. And how that may affect the competitive landscape in the search for cellulosic options. Plus, a 7-Slide, 3 Minute Tour of the technology and its promise. From Switzerland and France, news arrived that Butalco has been acquired by […]

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Researchers find “Three Routes Forward for Biofuels”

From California, we heard of a study just released  by the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis — “Three Routes Forward for Biofuels,” that helps chart a new path toward the sustainable use of biofuels as a low-carbon, renewable fuel source. The study identifies three routes for biofuels produced at biorefineries: (1) an “incremental” […]

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Pain at the Pump: an illustrated guide to the war over E85, gasoline

Why is everyone yakking about E85? FTC investigations. Key Senators on the warpath. Antitrust allegations. In short, all kinds of crazy. What’s exactly going on? In today’s Digest, we’ve prepared our illustrated guide to the controversy, its origins, the issues, the claims, the back-and-forth, the hoo-hah — what’s real and what’s guff? And what exactly is […]

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The Origin of Sex

Algae researchers think they may have discovered a trigger that establishes gender, and sexual reproduction. We humans experience asexual cellular division, or mitosis, though we rarely write songs or poetry in celebration of it. Our earliest life experience reflects that process, as two cells become four, and four become eight. As multicellular organisms, however — and […]

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Jet fuel or liquid natural gas: now available from a trash bin near you, Part II

In part 1, Tim Sklar considered Basic Arguments for Considering a Waste-to LNG Pathway, the Growing World-Wide Demand for LNG, and LNG Demand in the US, here. The Transportation Segment The other major potential market in the US is LNG that used as a transportation fuel in vehicles  designed to run on compressed natural gas […]

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California proposes $46.3M for advanced biofuels

11 awards recommended for Pilot-Scale and Commercial-Scale Advanced Biofuels Production Facilities In California, the California Energy Commission recommended awards of $46.6 million to 11 biofuels and biomethane projects. Funding of proposed projects resulting from this solicitation is contingent upon the approval of these projects at a publicly noticed Business Meeting at the Energy Commission in […]

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Stealthulosic: Many cellulosic biofuels technologies rate low in visibility survey

Digest survey spells “low visibility” for cellulosic biofuels. Beta Renewables rates “best in class”. Dupont rates “most heard of”. Belief is big in “commercial eventually” but far less so for “commercial now”. For 18 out of 20 key cellulosic biofuels technologies, fewer than 10% of biofuels stakeholders report that they have a “through understanding” of the technology, and […]

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Jet fuel or liquid natural gas: now available from a trash bin near you, Part I

By Tim Sklar Special to the Digest Part 1 of 2 Anyone that has followed the evolution of processes that are used to make fuels out of waste recognizes that the permutations and combinations of processes that can be used has become mind-boggling, as the pathways that can best be used, continue to change. As […]

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Can CO2 be a green chemical? Yes, when derived from biofuels and other sources

Thinking of carbon dioxide as a green chemical? What about the effects on the environment and economy? By Sam A. Rushing, President, Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd. Carbon dioxide is ever – more a green-natured agent when applied in a growing number of industries. Further, it is often difficult to think of carbon dioxide as a green […]

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