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Canadian Investment Showcase planned for BIO’s World Congress

In Pennsylvania, the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology opens this week. One of the highlight off-agenda activities this week is a Canadian Investment Showcase breakfast hosted Tuesday morning by Biotech Canada.  The breakfast will present partnership opportunities, success stories and identify the funding mechanisms and development clusters available that foreign investors have access to. Among […]

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Ennovor Biofuels announces new leadership team

In Singapore, Ennovor Biofuels has announced a new set of three managers as the company expands to become the world’s second largest second generation global biodiesel producer by 2015. Chairman John Markham (formerly of ICI) will be brought on for strategic business development, David Frohnsdorff will be brought on as the managing director for production, […]

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Coconut oil exports skyrocket as the Philippines fails to mandate B5

In the Philippines, coconut oil exports grew by nearly 50% in the last 9 months as the country failed to implement the shift to a B5 biofuel mandate. The current blending requirement is 2%, and the proposal to shift to B5 has yet to secure approval from the National Biofuels Board. Coconut oil export goals […]

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Nigerian company spreading biofuel cookstoves to West Africa

In Nigeria, Green Energy and Biofuels are producing biofuel gel from saw dust and water hyacinths for use in clean cooking stoves in both Nigeria and Ghana. The company says that already 200,000 households are using the clean cookstoves and it plans to expand into the rest of West Africa, including Cameroon and Togo where […]

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Queensland may be key region for biomass-to-aviation biofuels

In Australia, a new study by CSIRO and partly-funded by Boeing found that Central Queensland could provide a home for biomass feedstock that would be used for aviation biofuel production. The study looked at three options from planting trees that are harvested in 10-year cycles, to harvesting native grasses or harvesting re-growth. The optimal would […]

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Tribunal orders investigation in OMC ethanol tenders

In India, the country’s monopoly watchdog, the Competition Appellate Tribunal, has ordered a thorough investigation into the ethanol tenders held this year to supply ethanol in order to comply with the country’s E5 blend. It did not allow a stay on the tender scheduled for Nov. 12, however, as requested by the complainant. The tribunal’s […]

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Promaíz turns on the country’s largest ethanol facility

In Argentina, Promaíz’s 420,000 liter per day ethanol plant has come online, making it the largest ethanol distillery in the country. The facility based in Alejandro Roca was designed by Vogelbusch. Promaíz made its first ethanol delivery under the country’s quota-based system for its E5 mandate in August.

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Methes Canada hits production record in September, eyes doubling capacity

In Canada, over the last several weeks Methes Canada has made good use of the $1.5 million cash facility it received in August, resulting in September 2013 being the highest production month in gallons in its history. Furthermore, Methes Canada has already secured sufficient feedstock for the months of October and November 2013 to produce […]

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Ukraine set to supply 2014 E5 entirely from domestic production

In the Ukraine, state owned Ukrspyrt and other small-scale ethanol producers say they’ll be able to supply the country’s entire demand under the E5 blending policy set to come in next year. Total ethanol sales for the E5 are expected at $350 million. By 2017, no less than 7% ethanol must be blended.

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Sunbird signs with China New Energy for 10 cassava ethanol plants

In Nigeria, China New Energy has signed an MOU with Sunbird energy to immediately begin designing a 100,000 ton per year cassava-based ethanol plant, with plans to develop others together in the future. The $24 million plant will produce 110 million liters of ethanol annually. As many as nine other plants could be developed during […]

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