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University of Twente develops simple catalyst for biomass-based oil

In the Netherlands, oil produced from biomass — such as wood chips or plant residues — seldom has the same quality and energy content as ‘classical’ crude oil. A new, simple catalyst, developed at the University of Twente, improves the quality of this oil before it is even transported to the refinery. This technology was […]

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South Carolina takes the lead on Farm to Fly 2.0 opportunity integration project

In South Carolina, the South Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance (SCCEBA) is leading a “Farm to Fly 2.0” project to effectively create a “” type of opportunities listing for fuel companies to get to know states and localities for biofuels. The group is extending a Pacific Northwest Regional effort under the original “Farm to Fly” […]

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DOE and USDA award $12.6 million in research grants for feedstock genomics

In Washington, the DOE and USDA announced the selection of 10 projects that will receive funding aimed at accelerating genetic breeding programs to improve plant feedstocks for the production of biofuels, biopower and biobased products. The $12.6 million in research grants are awarded under a joint DOE-USDA program that began in 2006 focused on fundamental […]

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Petrobras teams with Embrapa to develop temperate cane for ethanol in south

In Brazil, Petrobras is teaming with Embrapa to develop sugarcane varieties that will be successful in temperate climates, especially in Rio Grande do Sul state with the aim of producing ethanol there. Currently that state imports 100% of its ethanol consumption from other states.  

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VIASPACE agrees research deal with UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

In California, VIASPACE announced that the company has entered into a research collaboration with the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Division (UCANR). The objectives of the research are to: ·       Compare the growth of Giant King Grass using subsurface drip irrigation with flood (furrow) irrigation ·       Compare individual node and whole stalk planting […]

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USDA teams with MMP to produce fish feed from barley byproduct

In Montana, a process that improves the nutritional value of barley for use in fish feed has been developed by scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Montana Microbial Products LLC (MMP) of Missoula, Montana. Barley typically contains about 10 to12 percent protein, but 40 to 60 percent protein is needed in diets […]

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Lignin chemicals to hit the market by 2021, Lux Research reports

In Massachusetts, the first higher-value chemical derived from lignin will hit the market in 2021, according to a new Lux Research report. Additionally, thermal routes for converting lignin into smaller chemical constituents appear the best for near-term development; chemical, metallic catalytic, and biological may take longer to come downy the pipeline. Finally, the report also […]

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Queensland University of Technology brings kids to bagasse ethanol lab

In Australia, the Queensland University of Technology has teamed with eight high schools to get students into the lab to get them interested in science, and they’re doing it by involving them in experiments using sugarcane bagasse for second generation ethanol production. The university also now has permanent factory at the Racecourse sugar mill working […]

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Ceres licenses genome visualization software to Bayer CropScience

In California, Ceres announced that the company has licensed its Persephone genome visualization application to Bayer CropScience. The multi-year software license and collaboration agreement provides a non-exclusive license to Bayer as well as professional services including support, customizations and maintenance. Originally developed for in-house use by Ceres, Persephone allows researchers to rapidly zoom in and […]

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UC Riverside researcher outlines ways companies can profit from waste

In California, a University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering professor is one of the authors of a paper recently published in Science that outlines ways companies can commercialize and profit from what was thought to a waste product created when producing biofuels. In the paper, the researchers outline the discovery of genetic variants […]

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