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Petrobras, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte launch algal biofuels pilot

In Brazil, Petrobras, along with Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, has inaugurated their joint pilot plant to produce biodiesel from microalgae in Extremoz. Prepartory studies for the project have identified about 10 different species that could be viable for use in the project.

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Petrobras to invest $16M in Montes Claros biodiesel capacity expansion

In Brazil, Petrobras and the state of Minas Gerais have signed an agreement, whereby Petrobras will invest as much as $16.2 million to increase their Montes Claros biodiesel facility’s production to 152 million liters per year.  This would represent a 40% increase over current production.

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Tereos, Petrobras, Petromoc ink pact for Mozambican biofuels

In Mozambique, France’s Tereos International and Brazil’s Petrobras have signed an MOU with the country’s oil company Petromoc to study ethanol production and domestic sales. Petrobras has already partnered with Tereos in its 1.2 million metric ton per year sugar mill in Sena.

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All Brazilian cars will run on ethanol: Petrobras

In Brazil, CEO Jose Sergio Gabrielli of Petrobras said last week at the World’s 20th Petroleum Conference that he predicts all cars in Brazil will soon be running on ethanol. This speculation came amidst oil executive’s forecasts that the world’s energy demand will increase by 50% by 2035 at the Doha, Qatar conference.

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Petrobras to invest in Mozambique ethanol production

In Mozambique, Petrobras may invest in an ethanol plant with production specifically intended for the domestic market in order to help supply the 10% blending mandate set to begin in 2012. If the plant is built, it will be done via Guarani, with whom Petrobras also jointly owns a sugar factor in Marromeu.

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Petrobras: $1.3B in ethanol investments planned

In Brazil, Petrobras expects the country to import less than 1 million cubic meters of ethanol during 2011 while exporting more than 2 million. The company says that all organizations with the ability and opportunity to import ethanol are doing so at the moment. Petrobras itself expects to invest $1.3 billion overall by 2015 with […]

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Petrobras buys $128M stake in Brazil's BSBIOS Biodiesel

In Brazil, Petrobras acquired a 50 percent stake in the BSBIOS Indústria e Comércio de Biodiesel Sul Brasil biodiesel plant, located in Rio Grande do Sul, for $128 million. The plant has a capacity of 42 million gallons. Last week, the Digest reported that Petrobras is currently re-thinking its five-year investment strategy to take into […]

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IFT lands heft Petrobras contract for biodiesel additive

In Missouri, International Fuel Technology will be selling their PerfoLiFT BD-4 additive to Petrobras for use in three Brazilian biodiesel plants.  The plants produce over 150 million litres per year, and will use the oil additive to control deposit formation and oxidation stability.  IFT is working to sign a multi-year contract with Petrobras.  Financial terms […]

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Petrobras examining investment strategy as Brazilian ethanol targets soar

In Brazil, Petrobras is currently re-thinking its five-year investment strategy to take into consideration the government’s requirement that it increase its ethanol production to fill 12% of national demand from the current 5%. That investment is likely to come in the form of greenfield ethanol plants despite the significant capital expense involved.

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"Petrobras investing US$400 million in biofuels research 2010-2014"

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