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Dyadic files SEC Form 10; key milestone in road to reporting company status

In Florida, Dyadic International filed a Form 10 with the SEC. If accepted by the SEC (they have 60 days to respond with questions), Dyadic will become a fully reporting public company again. For those newer to the scene, Dyadic imploded in 2006-07 over a series of mishaps relating to an Asian venture, which resulted […]

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Abengoa’s CEO says lack of EU policy support weighing on ethanol prices

In Spain, Abengoa’s CEO says the lack of policy support for biofuels in the European Union has led to unsustainably low ethanol prices. Platts reports strong blending economics during the first half of 2014 with the discount to Eurobob gasoline hitting a four-year low of $180.61/cu m on July 8. The EU has been unable […]

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Heard on the Floor at the DOE’s Biomass 2014 conference: US Navy, Abengoa, INEOS Bio, LanzaTech in the newsmix

Captain James C. Goudreau, Director, Navy Energy Coordination Office Stay the course. There is always risk, always naysayers. When we moved from sail to coal, coal to oil, oil to nuclear, there were always people who said we had the wrong idea, or there was no need. Nothing more difficult more perilous than to take […]

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Stealthulosic: Many cellulosic biofuels technologies rate low in visibility survey

Digest survey spells “low visibility” for cellulosic biofuels. Beta Renewables rates “best in class”. Dupont rates “most heard of”. Belief is big in “commercial eventually” but far less so for “commercial now”. For 18 out of 20 key cellulosic biofuels technologies, fewer than 10% of biofuels stakeholders report that they have a “through understanding” of the technology, and […]

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The Greensome Foursome: POET, Novozymes, Abengoa, NexSteppe on the industry outlook for 2014

As several major cellulosic biofuels ventures head for scale in 2014, we look at the companies, the major barriers (as they see them) for further capacity-building, sources for future investment, and a focus on feedstock. In California, NexSteppe CEO Anna Rath, Novozymes North American president Adam Monroe, POET VP Doug Berven, and Abengoa Bioebnergy EVP […]

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Abengoa inks 36-month pact with Deinove as new industrial partner

In France, Deinove announced a 36-month collaboration agreement with Abengoa, with the support of Bpifrance, to develop at industrial scale DEINOVE’s consolidated bioprocess (CBP) using Deinococcus bacterium, to digest and convert agricultural residues to ethanol at a competitive cost. Performances obtained with substrates supplied to Deinove by Abengoa will be evaluated in order to set […]

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“But I won’t cry for yesterday”: The re-making of the US ethanol industry

The migration from first-gen to next-gen biofuels is becoming less ‘Invisible’ — and the new landscape is not, by anyone’s estimation, an ‘Ordinary World’. If Aemetis’ latest earnings hadn’t rocked your world quite enough, here are 10 hot strategies being pursued right now to morph the old into new. If you remained glued to the television […]

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10 Bellwether Biofuels & Biobased Projects for 2014

Advanced biofuels – are plans turning into reality? Are development plans realistic? When these 10 projects open for business (or not) in 2014, you’ll know for sure. We wrote in 2012: “If, by this time next year, we have all of these projects completed and in operation, it will go a long way towards substantiating […]

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Abengoa Bioenergy: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Company description a. Traditional fermentation of cereal grains and sugar cane for the commercial production of bioethanol b. Traditional transesterification for the production of biodiesel from cereal and vegetable oils. c. Multiple technology options for the commercial demonstration of cellulosic fuel production. Rankings 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy: #13, 2013-14 The Situation Abengoa has identified […]

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Abengoa identifies US market as “the most important”

In Spain, Abengoa has identified the U.S. market as “the most important market for the company,” according to chief executive Manuel Sanchez Ortega. “Today it represents the top geography in terms of revenues. One-third of our business is in the U.S.” The company, which recently listed itself on the NASDAQ marketplace, is currently due onstream […]

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