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“Ethanol Gets More Cost Effective……Again.”

Today on Twitter: thefarmerslife: Ethanol Gets More Cost Effective……Again TBenji68 Our military is so tapped out we can’t send a jet to buzz a crowd? Now #Obama pays $60/gallon for biofuels for planes, ships? LabManager Bringing the costs of advanced biofuels down to the levels of petrofuels continues to be a major challenge….

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IEA says cellulosic biofuels capacity has tripled since 2010: new Task 39 global report

The IEA Task 39 group publishes its latest report on advanced biofuels — how is the global industry progressing? The International Energy Agency, through its Task 39 group, has published its 207-page report on the “Status of Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Facilities in 2012″. The report, in its pages, contains detailed project summaries as well as […]

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Advanced Biofuels USA disapproves of the Energy Security Trust

In Maryland, Advanced Biofuels USA has released a statement opposing the Energy Security Trust proposal, deeming it “counterproductive, insufficient, and inconsistent.” The release continues, “the Energy Security Trust, is an “all–of-the-above” program that is primarily focused on increasing the production of non-renewable, GHG producing natural gas for the production of electricity that would in part […]

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“Coast-to-coast without using a drop of oil.”

Today on Twitter: BioFuelNet @sustainablehec MBA finalists offering great perspectives. General agreement is #biofuels should be local produced nelderini: I’m all for the Energy Security Trust, as long as it results in more renewable power. If it just goes to EVs and biofuels… LiberalCap: advanced biofuels and natural gas – so drivers can one day go […]

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“Advanced #Biofuels from Non-food crops & Waste could be cost-competitive with petroleum by 2016.”

Today on Twitter: Gonzavera Aviation Industry Takes Positive Step in Ensuring Biofuels Deliver on Promise of Sustainability Sean_OHanlon Advanced #Biofuels from Non-food crops & Waste could be cost-competitive with petroleum by 2016 Camz99 “Second generation biofuels on verge of cost breakthrough” –  - shared from @TaptuGreen Ecoplum KLM Launches First Weekly Transatlantic Flight Using Biofuels

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“Policy Shifts Signal Growth Ahead for Advanced Biofuels.”

Today on Twitter. sorrowharw: Policy Shifts Signal Growth Ahead for Advanced Biofuels gjmmba: “@Agritrade: UPDATE: EU farmers and biofuel industry mobilise against the EC biofuel U-turn ” KamounLab: Sobering lesson from a biofuels pioneer: Growth of ethanol fuel stalls in Brazil /via Nature amsecproject: The #NationalSecurity Need for Advanced #Biofuels by @amsecproject on @slideshare

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15 Burning Questions (and Answers) for Biofuels in 2013

Policy, finance, technology, feedstocks, markets, prices, opposition. Here’s what’s on your mind, as the critical 2013 deployment year for biofuels looms. Great topic suggestions from Digest readers have been pouring into my inbox all week — for the private, pre-ABLC briefing that we are prepping for DC this April. (By the way, thank you to the many […]

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“NGO launches campaign to reduce US oil use in half in 20 years.”

Today on Twitter. Amyris: NGO launches campaign to reduce US oil use in half in 20 years in part by using advanced #biofuels IowaBio: EIA: #Biofuels to account for 5.8% of liquid-#fuels market by 2040: Sean_OHanlon: How #Biofuels in Brazil waver between Glory and Neglect cenusabioenergy: Discussing the future “Roadmap to Commercialize Thermochemical Biofuels and […]

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New advanced biofuels guide: The Law of Biorefineries and Advanced Biofuels

Stoel Rives announced the publication of its new advanced biofuels guide. Titled The Law of Biorefineries and Advanced Biofuels, the guide provides entrepreneurs, investors, lenders and developers with an overview of the legal landscape in this rapidly developing biofuels segment. Topics covered include: • Early-stage financing and business models • Intellectual property • Regulatory and […]

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Scottish distillery to convert waste into advanced biofuel

In Scotland, a whisky distillery called Tullibardine will be the first in the world to convert its waste into advanced biofuel. The company will be using the facilities at the Centre for Process Innovation and will scale up the process to 10,000 liters. Tullibardine has also signed an MOU with Celtic Renewables Ltd to develop […]

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