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NZ's Aquaflow teams with CRI for drop in fuels, talks IPO

In New Zealand, Aquaflow has teamed with Texas-based CRI Catalyst to test Aquaflow’s technology to produce fuels from algae and other sources such as timber with CRI’s integrated hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion (IH2) technology that it has the global rights to. Together they may build a demonstration plant, most likely sited in the US, likely producing […]

August 25, 2011 More

Aquaflow Bionomic, CRI partner for algal drop-in fuels investigation

In New Zealand, Aquaflow Bionomic announced its agreement with CRI Catalyst, to evaluate projects that bring together Aquaflow’s unique algal capability and the IH2 technology to produce commercially viable cellulosic hydrocarbon fuels and blend stocks. CRI has acquired exclusive global sublicensing rights for the IH2 technology from Illinois-based Gas Technology Institute where the technology was […]

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