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Argentine biodiesel exports soar 14.5 times year-on-year

In Argentina, biodiesel exports soared to 118,100 metric tons in May, a whopping 14.5 times the biodiesel exported during May last year and 141% higher than in April. The boost in exports is a direct result of the government cutting export duties retroactively to March to 11% from 21% previously.  Biodiesel production for Carbio members […]

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Domestic blends seen boosting biodiesel production in Brazil and Argentina

In Brazil and Argentina, biodiesel production is expected to rise following increases in domestic blending mandates. Oil World estimates that Brazilian production will reach 3.1 million metric tons this year, up from 2.56 million tons last year thanks to a 6% blending mandate beginning in July. Installed capacity is currently 6.2 million tons. Argentina’s production […]

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European Commission open to political resolution with Argentina over biodiesel

In Belgium, the European Commission says it is open to negotiations with Argentina over the latter’s complaint at the WTO regarding EU anti-dumping tariffs on Argentine biodiesel imports. The commissioner for industry said the trading bloc was open to negotiating a political resolution rather than the technical solution that would inevitably come out of the […]

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Argentina’s March ethanol production soared 32% on year

In Argentina, ethanol production soared during March to reach 33,084 metric tons, up 32% on the year and 7.3% more than in February. Consumption rose 57% on the year to 41,935 tons, up also 7% from the previous month. Demand is rising due to the 3%-5% ethanol blend. Biodiesel production also rose 3.3% on the […]

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Argentina’s biodiesel industry says even more policy support needed

In Argentina, the country’s biofuels chamber says that though reducing taxes on the fuel is helpful in compensating for lower exports to Europe, the move won’t be enough to salvage the industry. Other policies need to be put in place, Carbio says, including reducing export taxes on biodiesel as well as making the biodiesel tax […]

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Argentina’s president submits biodiesel tax cut proposal to legislature

In Argentina, the president’s proposal to eliminate 22% taxes on biodiesel until the European Union lifts its anti-dumping duties on Argentine biodiesel imports was submitted on Wednesday to the national legislature where it wasn’t expected to meet with opposition. Eliminating the taxes is expected to create an additional, immediate domestic demand of 500,000 metric tons. […]

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CARBIO members exports 5% less biodiesel during March

In Argentina, CARBIO says March biodiesel exports by its members fell 5.2% year-on-year to 85,000 metric tons. Platts reported that a vessel fixed to the US with 37,000 tons of biodiesel actually went to Barcelona, while a vessel with 28,000 tons that was meant to go to Spain is instead on route to Singapore. March […]

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WTO agrees to open dispute panel between Argentina and EU over biodiesel

In Switzerland, the WTO has agreed to set up a dispute panel between Argentina and the European Union regarding the latter’s anti-dumping tariffs levied on Argentine biodiesel imports. Argentina argued on Friday at the WTO’s dispute resolution body that the anti-dumping tariffs have effectively closed off the European market to its biodiesel. The European and […]

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Argentina may drop biodiesel taxes until EU lifts anti-dumping duties

In Argentina, the country’s president has asked its Congress to drop the 22% tax on biodiesel for power generation and the 19% levy on liquid fuels, a policy that would stay in place as long as the European Commission continues to levy anti-dumping duties on Argentine biodiesel imports.

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Argentine biodiesel industry says export tax too high

In Argentina, the biodiesel industry says that the export tax that hit 27.6% in March is too high and is hurting their business. Carbio says the industry is currently producing at 60% capacity due to the EU’s anti-dumping tariff and the high export tax. Carbio says the country has claimed damages in excess of $1 […]

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