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Australia repeals its carbon tax

In Australia, the newly installed Senate, which changed over its membership on July 1st following elections late last year, endorsed a series of bills (already passed in the House of Representatives) eliminating the carbon tax introduced in 2011 by the former Labor Government. The Liberal-National coalition’s pledge to repeal the tax was a key driver […]

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Queensland University of Technology brings kids to bagasse ethanol lab

In Australia, the Queensland University of Technology has teamed with eight high schools to get students into the lab to get them interested in science, and they’re doing it by involving them in experiments using sugarcane bagasse for second generation ethanol production. The university also now has permanent factory at the Racecourse sugar mill working […]

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ANZ Bank to manage $5 million investment fund for Fiji, including biodiesel

In Fiji, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Fiji is set to manage a $5 million investment fund to invest in solar PV, pico-hydro and coconut oil biodiesel following the completion of a $14 million risk sharing program. The bank hopes to roll out a similar program throughout the Pacific. It is present in […]

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Australia’s ATC power wine products business with wine waste

In Australia, Australian Tartaric Products has invested A$11 million in a new biomass boiler system that uses 90,000 metric tons of grape waste annually from the New South Wales wine region. The facility, in addition to lowering GHG emissions by 10,000 tons per year by replacing bottled gas, oil and electricity, will save the company […]

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Australian government does a switcheroo on ethanol policy

In Australia, the government will end the Ethanol Production Grants Programme from July 1, 2015 in an attempt to shore up its national budget deficit. Instead, the excise tax on domestically-produced ethanol will be zero from that date and then will rise 2.5 cents per liter per year every year for five years when it […]

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Royal Australian Navy stumps for biofuels to remain compatible with US

In Australia, the Royal Australian Navy plans to run up to 50 vessels in its fleet on 50/50 biofuels by 2020 to remain compatible with the US Navy for joint training exercises, despite the government recently pulling back on excise tax rebates for road transport biofuels. In 2016, the RAN will send a biofuel-powered helicopter […]

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Mallee tree growers fear jet fuel push too late

In Australia, the growers of mallee trees in the Upper Great Southern region fear that despite high hopes in the recently released Airbus/Virgin Australia report hailing the crop as a major opportunity to aviation biofuels, the good news may come too late. Early adopters hoped a commercial opportunity would develop for the oil, but as […]

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Study shows mallee trees could supply 5% of Australian jet fuel demand

In Australia, a new study from Future Farm Industries Co-operative Centre says that oil produced from local mallee trees could supply up to 5% of the country’s aviation fuel demand. To achieve that, just 1% of Western Australia’s Great Southern region would need to be planted with the trees and wouldn’t compete with food production. […]

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Australian Renewable Fuels sees new excise laws on biodiesel hitting hard

In Australia, Australian Renewable Fuels issued a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange ASX saying that the new biodiesel policy to charge excise tax on the fuel implemented last week will have a seriously negative impact on the company’s operations. While ARfuels applauds the Australian government for responding to industry submissions to curtail the double […]

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Australian national budget cuts may hurt biofuel competitiveness

In Australia, budget cuts included in the 2014 federal budget will likely have negative repercussions for the biofuels sector. The government plans to end the Ethanol Production Grants program by July 2015 in order to save $120 million, despite industry concerns over competition with large oil companies.  The budget includes increased funding for regional roads […]

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