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8 trends driving aviation biofuels today

Feedstock, BRICSA development are the pace-setters this year. Case in point, SkyNRG advances with Boeing, South African Airways on tobacco-based biofuels. In South Africa, we hear that SkyNRG is undertaking its first major feedstock project in South Africa, featuring a nicotine-free energy tobacco crop that’s developed by Sunchem under the name of Solaris. Which is an […]

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First commercial biofuels flight from Sweden, as Karlstad Airport installs biofuels storage capacity, teams with SkyNRG, British Midland

In Sweden, biofuels-powered flights have begun from Sweden, operated by BMI between Karlstad and Frankfurt and by Nextjet between Karlstad and Stockholm. Meanwhile, Karlstad Airport has become the first airport in Europe to install a fixed storage tank facility for aviation biofuel. The facility officially opened on Thursday 26 June and the first regular commercial […]

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BRICS and mortar: the fast-growing BRIC economies take aim at aviation biofuels

Brazil, Russia, India and China — and throw in South Africa for a complete BRICSA set. The vaunted new economic engines for the 21st century — and, lately, home to a beehive of activity around drop-in, sustainable, aviation biofuels. What’s up, with whom, where, when and why? In the motion picture Casablanca, most of the […]

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Whatever happened to aviation biofuels? New report from Australia rates the prospects.

Qantas, Shell, AISAF, SkyNRG, Solena and others collaborate on on an illuminating supply chain analysis of sustainable aviation fuels. Which one is technically ready, but feedstock-starved? Which one has affordable feedstock but the technology is not proven in prime time? Read on. There’s been so much uproar in road transport with revisions to EU targets […]

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Commercial aviation biofuels: Translating green ambitions into green miles

How to get from available field to affordable fuel in 14 steps. The MASBI report is out, and that’s good.  But, what are the immediate steps, and why these 14 and why not others, and why this way? The Digest gets the scoop from Honeywell UOP’s Jim Rekoske. Last week, the Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels […]

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Flight plan: 14 practical steps towards commercial aviation biofuels now

For every 5% in global shift to aviation biofuels — create 72,000 jobs and avoid 3 million tons of carbon emissions. How to get from available field to affordable fuel in 14 steps In Illinois, the Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative released their recommendations from MASBI’s year-long study of the potential for aviation biofuels in […]

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Sugar High: Total, Amyris, Airbus complete sugar-based renewable jet fuel flight at Paris Air Show

Landmark flight for sugar-based renewable jet fuel — what’s the future?  As the technology and downstream market matures, the big question is feedstock costs. And they’re trending nicely. In France, Amyris and Total announced a successful demonstration flight at the Paris Air Show its renewable jet fuel made from Amyris Biofene and, ultimately, from plant […]

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The 200 Top Moments in Aviation Biofuels, 2006-2013: A timeline

Here are the 200 Top Moments in Aviation Biofuels, 2006-2013, organized in a timeline, as reported through the years by Biofuels Digest.   1 Civil Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative formed 12/1/06 2 TEST FLIGHT: Virgin Atlantic 2/24/08 3 Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group formed 9/15/08 4 TEST FLIGHT: Air New Zealand 12/30/08 5 TEST FLIGHT: […]

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Fly the (environmentally) friendly skies: United to commence wide-scale aviation biofuels flights in 2014

Airline to buy 15 million gallons of drop-in, cost-competitive, sustainable aviation biofuel from AltAir — for flights departing LAX AltAir Fuels’ renewable jet fuel expected to achieve at least a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on a lifecycle basis In Illinois, United Airlines executed a definitive purchase agreement with AltAir Fuels, and has […]

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Major Montreal meet-up on aviation biofuels

In Canada, around 200 delegates from 44 countries are meeting in Montréal today, in a meet-up organized by the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), to explore:  the commercialization of aviation biofuels; the balanced approach to reducing noise for aircraft operations; and the reforms needed to realize the potential efficiencies in air traffic management. The conference […]

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