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North Dakota researchers looking for best aviation biofuel feedstocks

In North Dakota, researchers at Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory in Mandan have just finished their first year in the field doing trials on oilseeds such as canola, rapeseed, camelina and mustard for aviation biofuels. Researchers are looking for feedstocks that don’t compete with food, are drought tolerant and can grow in wheat-producing areas.

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Indonesian ministries start planning for aviation biofuels by 2016

In Indonesia, the transport and energy ministries have signed an agreement to begin planning the implementation of aviation biofuel supply to the country’s airport. The planning and implementation stage is set for 2014-16. Already the country has planned for 3% aviation biofuel use by 2020.

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NARA exploring Montana as aviation biofuels corridor

In Montana, the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance is developing regional aviation biofuel solutions, since the aviation industry is in need of a viable and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Washington State University’s Integrated Design Experience’s specific role within NARA was to propose a supply chain in the Western Montana Corridor, a region reaching from eastern […]

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Queensland may be key region for biomass-to-aviation biofuels

In Australia, a new study by CSIRO and partly-funded by Boeing found that Central Queensland could provide a home for biomass feedstock that would be used for aviation biofuel production. The study looked at three options from planting trees that are harvested in 10-year cycles, to harvesting native grasses or harvesting re-growth. The optimal would […]

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UAE sets up demo farm for aviation fuel biofuel

In the United Arab Emirates, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology are setting up a demonstration farm aimed at producing sustainable jet fuels, and have purchased 200 hectares of coastal land to grow mangroves as biomass. Without freshwater, the country is researching sustainable salt-water biofuel solutions.“The aviation industry has set for itself a target […]

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Colombia flies first biofuel flight with LAN

In Colombia, LAN completed Colombia’s first second-generation biofuel flight, operating an A320 between Bogota and Cali using camelina fuel. The airline said it chose the recent Bogota-Cali route “because Cali is a strategic city for consolidating LAN’s operations in the country. At the same time, the Cauca Valley led the way in Colombia’s biofuel production, […]

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GreenGold Ray Energies, ECI Group sign jatropha contract

In the Philippines, GreenGold Ray Energies has entered a provisional agreement with ECI Group to supply jatropha feedstock for the company’s biofuel efforts. The long-term contract, renewable every five years up to 30 years, will assist GreenGold in expanding its operations to the Philippines, the US, and Zimbabwe. ECI is currently negotiating production of aviation […]

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“Strong Opportunity for Midwest Aviation Biofuels Industry.”

Today on Twitter: plantexpansions #mfrtech | Strong Opportunity for Midwest Aviation Biofuels Industry ecoticiasRED: Abengoa inaugura la primera planta de demostración con tecnología ‘Waste to Biofuels’ (W2B) MatthewDalyWDC Zichal: Ethanol and advanced biofuels “needs to be and certainly is part of our broader climate plan.”

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National Research Council continues to search for low lead aviation gasoline alternatives

In Canada, the National Research Council of Canada has announced a new project to assist in the development and testing of an alternative for low lead (100LL) aviation gasoline. The project, which is in response to concerns from the aviation industry over the replacement of 100LL with a no-lead alternative, will seek ways to reduce […]

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Fulcrum BioEnergy: The Digest Interview

A signature developer of fuels from municipal solid waste lands a high-profile grant from DoD for a drop-in military biofuels project. The technology, the economics, the progress – CEO Jim Macias and VP Ted Kniesche update the Digest. For much of the past two years, the intriguing projects of Fulcrum BioEnergy have been advancing to […]

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