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Indonesian airline Garuda to deploy aviation biofuel blend by 2016

In Indonesia, airline Garuda expects to be using an aviation biofuel blend by 2016 comprised of biofuel and avtur (aviation turbine fuel). The aircraft are already equipped to use biofuel and the carrier aims to run a trial flight soon. However, the state-owned carrier’s commitment to supporting the use of clean energy will be highly […]

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Motley Fool says Navy biofuels still have a way to go

The Motley Fool Online has profiled the US Navy’s biofuel initiative, explaining the motivations for their investment in the industry. The article is hesitant to award positivity to the program, concluding: “There still is a pretty big disconnect between the price and availability of drop-in biofuels when compared to petroleum-based products. However, the hope is […]

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Algae Systems completes demonstration of new process

In Alabama, Algae Systems LLC completed demonstration of a new biofuel production approach in early-August jointly with Japans IHI Corporation. The process is based on the conversion of algae and wastewater to energy and clean water. A demonstration plant, located in Daphne Alabama, combines wastewater with algae to produce the worlds first energy-generating wastewater treatment […]

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Botswana to finalize biofuel and energy policy in 2015

In Botswana, the country aims to approve a national energy policy by 2015 that will include a large renewable energy component, including biofuels. The government has been working with the Japanese to develop varieties of jatropha that will be tolerant to the extreme weather shifts experienced in the country. The energy minister admitted that a […]

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Illinois universities looking to develop national biofuel education standard

In Illinois, Southeastern Illinois College and a consortium of community colleges in the state are looking to develop the first national certification for biofuels processing. Building upon its associate degree program for ethanol and biodiesel processing, the certification would require sign off from the Dept. of Labor. Development of the certification would be done in […]

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Indonesian government said not taking biofuel opportunity seriously

In Indonesia, the director of energy studies at the University of Indonesia has criticized the government for not taking as much advantage of domestic biofuel consumption as it should, demonstrated by the lack of uptake of the current B10 policy. He said the country could have saved $3 billion per year in fossil fuel imports […]

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Hawaiian governor awards $1.6 million for zero-waste biofuel research

In Hawaii, Gov. Neil Abercrombie presented a $1.6 million check on behalf of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s (HDOA) Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) to the Daniel K. Inouye U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center’s (DKI-PBARC) zero-waste biofuel and high-protein feed program on Hawaii Island. DKI-PBARC, and Florida-based BioTork LLC, have invested more than $1 million […]

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New trigeneration system makes small-scale biofuel-powered CHP viable

In the UK, an innovative ‘trigeneration’ system fuelled entirely by raw plant oils could have great potential for isolated homes and businesses operating outside grid systems both in the UK and abroad. Developed by a consortium led by Newcastle University and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) through the RCUK Energy […]

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Institute of Food Research looks at rapeseed straw as biofuel feedstock

In the UK, researchers at the Institute of Food Research are looking at how to turn straw from oilseed rape into biofuel. Preliminary findings are pointing at ways the process could be made more efficient, as well as how the straw itself could be improved. Straw from crops such as wheat, barley, oats and oilseed […]

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EU biofuel consumptions falls for first time since industrial expansion

In France, the growth of biofuel consumption for use in transport in the European Union (EU-28) has dwindled in the past few years and finally dropped by about one million tonne oil equivalent (toe, 6.8 percent) between 2012 and 2013 according to EurObserv’ER, to a consumption level of 13.6 million toe. Nevertheless, sustainable biofuel consumption, […]

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