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University of Limerick leads EU project to improve biomass processing

In Ireland, researchers at the University of Limerick are taking on the challenge to improve the viability of biomass processing. The UL team are part of a consortium involved in the €4 million project ‘CellulosomePlus’ involving nine private and public-sector partners. Dr Damien Thompson, Department of Physics leads the UL research team involved in this […]

March 12, 2014 More

Virginia students launch EcoMow, a mower powered by its own cut grass

In Virginia, a group of students from George Mason University have developed EcoMow, a platform for harvesting and processing grassy biomass, and a fuel system technology to take advantage of the produced pellet fuel. EcoMow is a small self-fueled mower and grass pellet harvester. It uses the grassy biomass that it harvests as fuel, and […]

February 18, 2014 More

$3M to NY high-performance biomass heating market

In New York, $3M has been awarded to 18 research institutions, technology developers and biomass-fuel businesses to encourage the growth of high-efficiency, low-emission wood-fired heating equipment. These projects support Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Renewable Heat NY program, which looks to encourage the expansion of the high-performance biomass heating market and raise consumer awareness, support the development […]

February 17, 2014 More

Army looking to set up biomass power for base on Oahu

In Hawaii, public hearings are being held on Feb. 5 and 6 regarding a proposed biomass-fueled power plant at the Army’s Schofield base on Oahu. The facility would provide backup power for the base as well as energy to the inner parts of the island and communities near to the base. The public is being […]

January 21, 2014 More

Kazakh entrepreneur close to launching major biomass power project

In Kazakhstan, a local entrepreneur is developing a €10 million biofuel project to produce biomass power from local bulrush plants. The local government has already pledged half of the project amount while investors from Finland and Estonia have indicated interest in funding the other half. The project has secured a 10ha site to put the […]

May 29, 2013 More

Ideal temperature for biofuel conversion is identified

In California, biofuels production from lignocellulosic biomass would benefit if carried out between 65 and 70 degrees, as researchers at the Energy Biosciences Institute have improved the thermal stability of trichoderma reesei EGI around that temperature. Using their technique, they engineered an enzyme variant with greater activity and stability, a process called “B-factor guided mutagenesis.” […]

May 20, 2013 More

New report explores challenges in sustainability certification

In the Netherlands, a report detailing a lunch held during World Biofuels Markets exploring challenges in the field of sustainable biomass and certification identified in pilot projects conducted by the organizers and funded by Dutch NL Agency, The report looks at the need to: Improve social and environmental impacts; improve smallholder opportunities; improve monitoring and […]

May 6, 2013 More

Save $270M! (and Make Biofuels Feedstocks, er, Feasible, er, Now)

Is there bio-based relief for the harried taxpayer in sight? Could conservationists, growers and biofuels producers find common ground in adapting the Conservation Reserve Program for bioenergy? Could the US save $270M/year, and strengthen two carbon-reducing laws on the books? The eminent Iowa State economist Bruce Babcock recently opined: “The future of cellulosic biofuels in […]

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Renewable Energy Association fires back at green groups pushing for subsidy cuts

In the UK, concerns that subsidies for renewable electricity from biomass could cause a six-fold surge in demand for the UK’s forestry products have lead RSPB, Friends of the Earth, and Greenpeace to send a letter to The Times condemning the use of biomass in energy. The Renewable Energy Association fired back, releasing a “strongly-worded […]

May 6, 2013 More

The Promiscuous, the Selective, and Biofuels

A new, potentially game-changing path to biofuels? And what exactly does promiscuity have to do with it? There’s been some potentially world-changing work going on of late at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Guelph and Los Alamos National Laboratory that it’s time for you to know about. And if phrases like “enantioselectivity” or […]

May 3, 2013 More