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The Sugar Rush: 4 companies gold-dig for low-cost biorefining sugars

What this country really needs is a good, five-cent sugar. Got one? Riches await. One of the most interesting developments in recent months has been the emergence, out of stealth, of a number of companies focused on providing low-cost cellulosic sugars. As Phycal CEO Kevin Berner said, “if you can make low-cost sugar, you can […]

September 15, 2011 More

POET installs new equipment at Laddonia facility, has high hopes

In Missouri, POET announced the installation of new equipment at its Laddonia facility to make its ethanol production process even greener. The biorefining plant currently produces 12 mega watts of electricity every hour, and its BTUs are used twice– once to generate electricity, and once to generate steam to run the distillation. The new equipment […]

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