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Life in the Slow Lane: Conversion Technologies at a Standstill in California

By Jim Stewart, Chairman, BioEnergy Producers Association The momentum leading to the introduction of new technologies for alternative energy production has become increasingly evident during 2014. The year has brought a steady stream of announcements from the industry regarding equity infusions, strategic alliances and commercial demonstration projects. However, as far as the use of conversion […]

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California legislature moves to further criminalize grease theft

In California, the legislature has passed a bill to boost criminal penalties for grease theft. The state has grappled with a rise in used cooking oil theft as the biofuel industry has developed. The penalties are currently so minor that thefts aren’t even worth responding to for many law enforcement agencies. But according to the […]

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VIASPACE details 12MW biomass power plant in Nicaragua to Wall Street Transcript

In California, Viaspace CEO Carl Kukkonen described the company’s 12 MW Giant King Grass power plant in Nicaragua, an in-progress partnership with Agricorp, to the Wall Street Transcript. The plant will be the company’s flagship project, run on their proprietary grass crop, but Viaspace expects to begin three or four more projects per year in […]

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JBEI researchers develop “bionic liquids”

In California, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have developed “bionic liquids” from lignin and hemicellulose, two by-products of biofuel production from biorefineries. JBEI is a multi-institutional partnership led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) that was established by the DOE Office of Science to accelerate the development of […]

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DVO’s anaerobic digester in California completes installation

In California, DVO Inc. has announced the installation and construction of its first next-generation anaerobic digester in Pixley, California. The digester is part of a project to produce up to 55 million gallons of ethanol each year at an on-site cogeneration facility in Calgren. Each day, the digester will receive 55,000 gallons of solid and […]

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CalTech’s Resonate Sustainability award open for nominations

In California, CalTech’s Resnick Sustainability Institute has opened nominations for its 2015 Resonate Awards, designed to bring attention to ideas which promote long-term sustainability. The 2015 Resonate Award nominations will be open through early Fall. After that, the entrants will be judged by an advisory panel of varied experts and visionaries with the experience to […]

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Stanford prof says California can exit fossil fuels by 2050, and create 220,000 jobs in the process

In California, Stanford engineering professor Mark Jacobsen, writing in Energy, says that the state of California could completely abandon fossil fuels by 2050 with dedicated development of its solar, wind, tidal, wave, geothermal resources and changed over to hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles. The plan is not entirely dissimilar from many of the goals […]

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JBEI develops new tool to genetically engineer energy crops

In California, a powerful new tool that can help advance the genetic engineering of “fuel” crops for clean, green and renewable bioenergy, has been developed by researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI), a multi-institutional partnership led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). The JBEI researchers have developed an […]

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AgriBeef demands investors pay $3 million default on loan to North Star Biofuels

In California, Idaho’s AgriBeef is demanding its other partners in the North Star Biofuels venture in Watsonville pay $3 million of a $9 million loan the company put up in 2012 to start construction on the facility. The project only came online in June 2014, meaning that the first $3 million in payments were defaulted […]

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24-7 Van Lines upgrades entire fleet to biodiesel engines

In California, 24-7 Van Lines announced that their entire fleet has been upgraded with more energy efficient and environmentally friendly bio-diesel engines. The engines burn cleaner than standard diesel engines and also increase the mile-per-gallon ratio, thus reducing the cost of moving—a savings that is passed onto the commercial and residential customers of the company.

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