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Syngenta and Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies team up for commercial cellulosic in Iowa

In Minnesota, Syngenta and Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies LLC have successfully produced commercial-scale quantities of cellulosic ethanol— the first of their kind in Iowa— at the Quad County Corn Processors ethanol plant in Galva, Iowa. QCCP expects to produce one million gallons of cellulosic ethanol in 2014 and two million gallons in 2015. Earlier this year, […]

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Hydrogen, gasoline, solar panel hybrid or cellulosic ethanol: what’s better, what’s best?

As a flurry of coverage on Toyota’s hydrogen cars and Ford’s solar hybrid floods the airwaves, here in Digestville we look at the hard data. And we find that, sometimes, there is less than meets the eye. This past week, we’ve had the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the North American International Auto […]

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POET-DSM’s Project Liberty cellulosic ethanol plant, in pictures

In Iowa, POET-DSM reports that Project Liberty, the cellulosic bioethanol plant currently under construction in Emmetsburg, is on schedule and they look forward to start-up and commercial production of cellulosic ethanol from corn crop residue “in early 2014″. Click here to download the company’s quarterly biomass newsletter titled, “THE HARVEST” sent out to area farmers […]

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The password is….bagasse: Raizen, Iogen get going on cellulosic ethanol at industrial scale

Raizen, Iogen commence construction on the first of what could be up to eight projects by 2024.   After years of developing cellulosic ethanol technology in Canada, Iogen turns on the afterburners in Brazil with bagasse and cane straw. And finds the right partner in Raizen. In Brazil, Raizen has started construction on a 10 […]

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Praj breaks ground on $25M cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant

In India, Praj Industries broke ground on its integrated 2nd Generation Cellulosic ethanol plant. The 2G Cellulosic ethanol demo plant will operate on different variety of biomass with a capacity of 100 dry tonnes of biomass per day, which includes agricultural wastes such as corn stover, cobs and bagasse. The demo plant will enable Praj […]

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Kior makes first shipment of cellulosic diesel

In Mississippi, KiOR the initial shipments of cellulosic diesel from its first commercial-scale facility in Columbus. KiOR’s facility uses pine wood chips previously feeding a shut down paper mill at Columbus and produces gasoline and diesel, the first renewable hydrocarbon fuels in the U.S. manufactured at commercial scale and derived solely from non-food feedstocks to […]

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“We need 200 enterpreneurs.”

Today on Twitter. UK_ElectionNews: Green Party Policies : Climate Change and Biofuels MikefromLFE: Check out Drive Aid -campaign to stop greedy Africans eating crops that could be used to power cars: ahmedmikwa: We need 200 enterpreneurs each working on scalable solutions in: carbon capture storage (ccs), nuclear, biofuels, solar ccogreen4us: What is Cellulosic Ethanol? The […]

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Leaf Energy to get international patent for cellulosic ethanol pre-treatment

In Australia, the publication of Leaf Energy’s application for international simultaneous patent protection under the Patent Cooperation Treaty for its novel pre-treatment of Cellulosic Biomass for Bio-Ethanol production is expected on Dec. 7. The technology is part of the joint intellectual property developed under the Collaboration and Licence Agreement between Leaf Energy, Syngenta, Queensland University […]

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German demand for biofuel, especially ethanol, is up, says FEM Report

In Germany, the German Federal Environmental Ministry has released an environmental technology atlas with promising data for the biofuel sector: demand for biofuels has gone up, and ethanol was the fastest growing biofuel segment in the economy with a 28% increase. The report also acknowledged Sud-Chemie AG’s demonstration-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Barvaria. The data […]

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Why Sugarcane Bagasse is the Most Promising Pathway for Cellulosic Ethanol

By Robert Rapier This article was originally published in Digest content partner site Energy Trends Insider, a free newsletter by Consumer Energy Report, which is geared toward financial and investment issues in the energy industry. The history of cellulosic ethanol is a lot longer than most people probably realize. In 1819, French chemist Henri Braconnot […]

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