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Corn use for ethanol likely to top 5 billion bushels

In Illinois, ethanol producers are expected to consume about 5.1 billion bushels of corn this year, based on the expectation of 14.1 billion gallons of ethanol. The boost in production over the previous year is a result of higher demand, more exports, fewer imports and rebuilding stocks after high corn prices due to drought reduced […]

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Novozymes enzymes confirm 6% production edge

In Nebraska, Novozymes’ enzymes will allow ethanol producers to unlock more energy from each corn kernel, producing 5% more fuel while using 8% less energy. Said Delayne Johnson, chief executive of Iowa ethanol producer Quad Corn Processors, the company now gets 6 percent more ethanol per corn bushel, and that the star engineer in charge […]

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Nebraska Ethanol producing ethanol from corn

In Nebraska, Nebraska Ethanol has started ethanol production again using corn as feedstock. Nearby Aurora West started production in May using sugar as feedstock but will switch back to corn in September. The former is expected to hit its production peak in mid-September. The 20-year-old facility produces 45 million gallons of ethanol annually.  

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Impending bumper corn harvest seen pushing down prices to $4 a bushel

In Illinois, an expected bumper corn crop this year is seen weighing heavily on corn prices, with Goldman Sachs expecting corn to reach $4 a bushel in the next six months, down from $4.425 now, which is already 15% lower than the end of April. Bloomberg estimates that corn inventories are 35% higher, the biggest […]

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Digest Dashboard launches – “news you can use” summary of key bioeconomy prices, data

In Florida, Biofuels Digest launched today its weekly Digest Dashboard, a convenient “news you can use” 5-Minute summary of current markets including key commodity prices, relevant futures, bioenergy-related stocks, and historical equities data. In the initial release, the Dashboard will summarize: Sector Equities. Friday closing prices, weekly moves, outstanding shares, market caps, most recent earnings […]

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Ethanol, oil, corn duke it out in “The Battle of the Benjamins”

Corn producers, ethanol producers and crude oil refiners: locked in a rollercoaster of commodity prices, and a battle for market share and profits.  As the EPA readies to unleash its view of the future volumes of renewable fuels — who’s winning, who’s losing the “Battle of the Benjamins”? In their 1987 album release Document, the alternative […]

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Study expects needed corn acres for ethanol to fall to just 11% by 2026

In Illinois, a new study has found that several factors will gradually lower the amount of land dedicated to corn for ethanol to as little as 11% of U.S. corn acres by 2026, when adhering to the EPA’s 15 billion gallon ceiling on domestic ethanol production. The study was done by researchers at the University […]

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Corn ethanol producers fighting Philadelphia refinery owners over EPA mandate

In Washington, D.C., corn-based biofuel producers are fighting against a proposed ethanol mandate cut and a June deadline for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make a final decision. The ethanol industry claims that the proposed cut was coordinated by “Big Oil”, but could instead be linked to Philadelphia-area refinery owners, The Carlyle Group and […]

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Scoular to start grinding corn for Hopewell ethanol plant in May

In Virginia, the Scoular Company will begin grinding corn in May to supply the re-vitalized ethanol plant in Hopewell owned by Vireol. The company began leasing the grain storage facility tied to the plant last August before Vireol decided it was going to keep the distillery in Virginia, rather than export it to the UK. […]

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UK ethanol producers switching to corn in hopes of boosting margins

In the UK, ethanol producers are switching to corn from wheat in an attempt to improve distilling margins. Wheat consumption for ethanol production has fallen 2% during the first 21 weeks of the current 2013/14 marketing year. Corn imports for both industrial and human consumption are expected to increase 19% on the year to just […]

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