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NDAA passes out of committee, bad news for biofuels?

In Washington, the House Armed Services Committee voted on the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 (NDAA) and passed it out of committee, pending consideration by the full House of Representatives and the Senate. There are two provisions in the legislation related to biofuels: The Defense Department would be exempt from energy efficiency measures and […]

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Benjamins for Biofuels in the 2015 Obama Budget: The Digest’s 7-Minute Guide

Vitally interested in President Obama’s proposed 2015 budget and the 411 on grants, incentives, tax credits, loan guarantees and R&D support — but haven’t got the time to read all 1653 glorious pages? Try the Digest’s 7-Minute Guide. In Washington, President Obama outlined his $3.9 trillion budget proposal for 2015, with a focus on tax […]

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US House amendment would block DOD from non-petroleum fuel purchases

In Washington, while the House’s energy committee was hearing testimony regarding the Renewable Fuels Standard, an amendment to the defense spending bill was approved by voice vote that would block the DOD from purchasing most biofuels, going so far as to include any “non-petroleum” fuel. Politico says it doesn’t expect the measure to pass the […]

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Fulcrum BioEnergy: The Digest Interview

A signature developer of fuels from municipal solid waste lands a high-profile grant from DoD for a drop-in military biofuels project. The technology, the economics, the progress – CEO Jim Macias and VP Ted Kniesche update the Digest. For much of the past two years, the intriguing projects of Fulcrum BioEnergy have been advancing to […]

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The Battle of the Beltway: DoD awards $16M towards parity-cost, drop-in, non-food biofuels

DoD goes forward, after internal wrangle, with advanced biofuels program via $16M phase 1 investment. With industry cost share, project totals $33M: aims for sub-$4, drop-in military biofuels.  In Washington, the DoD will award three contracts totaling $16 million to Emerald Biofuels, Natures BioReserve and Fulcrum Biofuels for drop-in military biofuels, according to Sharon Burke, […]

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Senate rejects proposal to dump DOD drop-in fuels funding

In Washington, the Senate has rejected an amendment that would have gutted the DOD’s drop-in biofuels spending program in a vote of 40-59. The proposal by Sen. Pat Toomey’s (R-Pa.) sought to move $60 million from biofuels spending to the DOD’s O&M budget.

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“Biofuels Producers Waiting for Pentagon to Show Them the Money.”

Today on Twitter: ConsumersUnion: On #biofuels & the Department of Defense: “the national security need to reduce exposure to oil is clear…” ModFarm: Why drought and biofuels will mean fewer chicken wings are eaten this Super Bowl Sunday benlubbon: #Biofuels Producers Waiting for Pentagon to Show Them the Money Politicolnews: Warning: New E-15 Ethanol Gas […]

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Support our Troops

By Mary Rosenthal One of the most popular bumper stickers and signs you see on the roads today read “Support our Troops.” Yesterday the U.S. Senate voted to support our troops – as well as the biofuels industry, the national economy and our overall national security by stripping language from the National Defense Authorization Act […]

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“Ethanol blending may be delayed – Times of India.”

Today on Twitter. tweettrailbot1: Check out who is tweeting about: ‘ biofuels ‘, here: xtremeGreens: If DOD can afford to keep spending $26 per gallon for fuel  there must not be a fiscal cliff. hashpune: Ethanol blending may be delayed – Times of India barnmedia: NCGA: Chain Restaurants’ Ethanol Report Full of Empty Calories…

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“That well-known bunch of hippies, the US military, launches a $30m fund for development of bio jet fuel.”

Today on Twitter. Adam_Grant_Bell: That well-known bunch of hippies, the US military, launches a $30m fund for development of bio jet fuel: claireypoole: Major Global #Biofuels Agreement Signed at Rio+20 between Brazil & Netherlands: EnerComInc: Guest column: The long and winding biofuels road wNFCC: Europe’s first waste to jet fuel production plant, to be built […]

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