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Chief of Naval Operations joins chorus of lawmakers, generals, admirals calling for US biofuels focus

In Washington, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jon Greenert, House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-WA), and Lieutenant General John Castellaw (USMC, ret.) joined the chorus of voices calling on the US Senate to support the Department of Defense’s energy innovation programs. Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, writing Senator Mark Udall […]

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“Biofuels in the DOD.”

Today on Twitter. PressOfficeEU: Press Alert: Effects of fatty acid activation on photosynthetic production of fatty acid-based biofuels in … dbiello: remember jatropha? turns out it grows better with water and/or fertlizers. what a shock jazmicallspants: Biofuels in the DOD MatthewSpoor: USDA plans biofuels supply chain match-making event for March 30 in DC #ethanol

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US Defense Dept attacks waste storage with bio-based grant

In Washington, the DOD awarded a $500,000 Small Business Innovation Research Phase II grant to Northern Technologies International for the development of biobased and marine biodegradable non-plastic bags. In collaboration, NTIC and MSU developed a  modified plant oil based product as a coating material on selected paper substrates. Having successfully demonstrated proof-of-concept in Phase I, […]

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"Editor of Biofpr to present case for biofuels."

Today on Twitter. RabbiTwiter: @biorefining | Report offers advanced biofuels primer to investors – jatrophaharvest: Biofuels the way forward in the sky Alltop_green: DOD Steps Up Innovation in Installation Energy, Recognizes Limits in Biofuels TheBiofuelTrap: Editor of Biofpr to present case for biofuels at science media centre Luciebs00: Biofuels as Alternative Sources of Energy: This […]

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"Biohydrogen From Algae and the Sustainable Production of Liquid Biofuels."

Today on Twitter. TWgy: Toward more cost-effective production of biofuels from plant lignocellulosic biomass: VivienneSantoro: Boeing and Hawai i BioEnergy to work together on biofuels – Biofuels International – The link: pecolo: Rumination: Biohydrogen From Algae and the Sustainable Production of Liquid Biofuels BizAvAutoFeed: Debt woes could cut DOD’s budget for advanced biofuels rest_corp: SaadRA: […]

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GI Joe, Funding Man from Head to Toe: the DoD and drop-in biofuels at scale

As the Defense Department looks at its options to directly jump-start drop-in biofuels production at scale, we look at the Defense Production Act – the rationale, the process, the funding, and energy’s role In Washington, a report from WSJ states that the DOD is investigating the use of the 1950 Defense Production Act to fund […]

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The Defense Department Is a Significant Driver of New Technology

By Brent Erickson, Digest columnist, Executive VP, Industrial Environmental Section, BIO To carry out military and humanitarian missions around the world, U.S. forces require reliable fuel supplies and secure supply lines. The military is as much at the mercy of high oil and gasoline prices as the average consumer. And, oil often comes from regions […]

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Defense Department bill would increase biofuel contract period to 15 years

In Washington, the Department of Defense would be permitted to increase long-term contracts with biofuel producers from 5 years to 15 years under the Domestic Fuel for Enhancing National Security Act of 2011. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of Washington sponsored the measure as Senate Bill (S-1079), mirroring the introduction of the bill as […]

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Inslee bill would allow 20-year fuel contracts for DoD

In Washington, Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash. tabled a bill that would authorize the Dept. of Defense to sign 15-year contracts for advanced biofuel supply, up from the current five-year limit. The proposal has been referred to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the Committee on Armed Services.

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House Armed Services Committee OK's "filthy fuels" in new DOD budget bill

In Washington, the House Armed Services Committee OK’d a defense budget bill that exempted the Department of Defense from Section 526 of the Energy Independence and Security Act, which had since 2007 required that fuels purchased by the military be no more carbon-intensive than standard fossil fuels. The provision, if passed by the Congress and […]

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