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Cenex to make E15 more available to Minnesota consumers by covering installation costs

In Minnesota, E15 will be more available to consumers if CHS’s new program across their 1400 locations is a success. For Cenex retailers wanting to offer E15 in addition to their current gasoline products, the Cenex Tank Program will cover a significant portion of the cost to purchase and install an additional storage tank for […]

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Chicago City Council stalls before coming to vote on requiring E15

In Illinois, a five hour hearing at the Chicago City Council Finance Committee on the introduction of E15 at gas stations across the city but ended in no vote. The proposal sought to require stations sell a minimum of 500,000 gallons of E15. High profile lobbyists from both sides of the debate participated in the […]

July 29, 2014 More

Murphy USA Stations opens first of 7 planned E15/E85 additions in Iowa

In Iowa, Murphy USA is now offering E15 and E85 at its Indianola, Iowa location. The fueling site is the first of seven Murphy USA locations in Iowa to begin offering these higher ethanol blends. By the end of summer, E15 and E85 will also be available at Murphy USA locations in Clinton, Davenport, Fort […]

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Zimbabwe to stay with E15

In Zimbabwe, the government has decided to keep the ethanol blending mandate at 15% due to concerns about sugarcane production following floods earlier in the year. Earlier in the year, the E15 blend was drawn back down to E10 to compensate for lower ethanol production due to the flooding.  

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E15 out in Iowa until September– Big Oil to blame?

In Iowa, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) has announced that Iowa retailers have temporarily stopped offering EPA-approved E15 to vehicles produced since 2001 until September 15, 2014. The Association blames Big Oil’s fuel distribution monopoly. Until September 15, E15 can only be offered to flex-fuel vehicles. IRFA Managing Director Lucy Norton fired off: “If […]

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E15 blends will be good for the summer, says American Coalition for Ethanol

In South Dakota, E15 blends are continuing to hit the market as the summer driving season begins, according to Senior Vice President for the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Ron Lamberty. “Along with flex-fuel vehicles and Ford’s earlier switch to E15 according to sales data, about 50 million vehicles on the road today have warranties […]

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NACS urges support of bill that would facilitate E15 uptake

In Washington, the NACS—The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing—is campaigning to support H.R. 1214, the Domestic Fuels Protection Act that would seek to “address some of the liability issues” allegedly related to E15.  The legislation was introduced in March 2013 “removes unreasonable legal liabilities and reduces the cost of entry for retailers who choose to sell a […]

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Iowa Senate passes E15 tax credit extenders, IRFA applauds

In Iowa, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) applauded the Iowa Legislature’s vote to pass Senate File 2344, a bill which helps preserve Iowa biodiesel jobs while expanding Iowa’s motorists’ access to cleaner-burning, more locally-produced E15. The legislation extends the state’s biodiesel production tax credit, which is set to expire at the end of 2014, […]

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Missouri set to implement E15 from June despite opposition play

In Missouri, E15 is set to come online this summer after a major push by the state’s governor to overturn the anti-biofuel lobby. Back in October, the rule was temporarily blocked by the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules but the Senate didn’t manage to vote it out of committee so won’t come into […]

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Big Oil to ethanol: Build your own dang distribution, if you think E85 has blend-wall busting potential

Reform, repeal or compete: the options laid out for ethanol by Big Oil by Marathon’s Product Supply & Optimization Director in a frank keynote at the National Ethanol Conference. The RFA’s Geoff Cooper and ISU’s Bruce Babcock respond. In his keynote at the National Ethanol Conference this week in Orlando, David Whikehart, Product Supply & Optimization […]

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