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Mauritius’ E5 mandate delayed until 2015

In Mauritius, the E5 mandate is not expected to be implemented this year due to delays in implementing the infrastructure required to supply the blend across the island. Omnicane blames the government for not establishing a clear policy regarding the mandate.  

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Vietnam’s E5 policy to go nationwide in 2015

In Vietnam, the E5 policy that will be implemented in seven areas this year will reach nationwide penetration in 2015. Current installed ethanol production reaches 535 million liters, which could supply the E5 policy entirely. Implementation of the rule is a year delayed due to poor consumer uptake and challenges with feedstock supply.  

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Europe hitting E5 and E10 blend walls

In Europe, the E5 and E10 blend walls are approaching in some European companies, as demonstrated by the ethanol blending discount to gasoline reaching the widest since mid-2009 when Platts began tracking prices at $155.78/cu. E10 in Germany has hit about 15% of the market.  

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Zimbabwe to implement E20 by March

In Zimbabwe, the government plans to boost the ethanol mandate to 20% by March, up from 10% currently. The country has already saved $20 million in fuel imports since E5 was mandated in August. Zimbabwe consumes 1.5 million liters of fuel per day.

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Ukraine set to supply 2014 E5 entirely from domestic production

In the Ukraine, state owned Ukrspyrt and other small-scale ethanol producers say they’ll be able to supply the country’s entire demand under the E5 blending policy set to come in next year. Total ethanol sales for the E5 are expected at $350 million. By 2017, no less than 7% ethanol must be blended.

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India could reduce foreign exchange spend by $1.3 billion with E5

In India, the national sugar mills association says the country could save $1.3 billion annually in foreign exchange just by implementing the already mandated 5% ethanol policy. Bureaucratic hitches and failure to secure enough ethanol by the oil marketing companies has delayed implementation of the blend, which the country continues to import oil for its […]

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Canada pulling back from biofuels after rural development push fails

In Canada, financial and policy support for biofuels are set to wane after farmers failed to invest in their production other than at a small-scale. The country has an E5 and a B2 policy, none of which can be met without imports from the US. The mandate has succeeded in increasing grain prices for farmers […]

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Indian gas prices seen going up on expensive imported ethanol

In India, the expected mandatory E5 blend set to come in on June 1 may not in fact become mandatory because the high prices of imported ethanol versus would-be prices of domestic ethanol would lead to price increases of 4 rupees per liter at the pump compared to the 1 rupee per liter expected. General […]

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Ukraine seeking to boost ethanol production in time for E5 in 2014

In the Ukraine, the government is implementing a two-year plan to convert 29 distilleries to produce ethanol production in order to supply its E5 mandatory blending policy by 2014. Production from the distilleries should reach 360,000 metric tons of ethanol annually. The government is also encouraging sugar producers to produce ethanol rather than exporting surplus […]

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Indian oil marketing companies float two-bid tender for ethanol supply

In India, oil marketing companies have floated a two-bid tender to source half a billion liters of ethanol required to supply the volume for the national E5 policy that won’t be supplied by the local sugar industry. The tender includes a technical evaluation, followed by a financial assessment, with the lowest bid winning the contract.

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