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10 Bellwether Biofuels & Biobased Projects for 2014

Advanced biofuels – are plans turning into reality? Are development plans realistic? When these 10 projects open for business (or not) in 2014, you’ll know for sure. We wrote in 2012: “If, by this time next year, we have all of these projects completed and in operation, it will go a long way towards substantiating […]

April 14, 2014 More

Cool Planet surges into leads in Transformative Technologies 2014 early voting

Fresh faces and major players among the early leaders as voting gets underway. In Florida, The Digest announced that Cool Planet is now leading in two categories in early-voting for Transformative Technologies 2014. The Colorado-based early stage company is ahead for Conversion technology (liquid) and Transformative biomased material. DuPont continues to lead for Organic Catalyst […]

March 18, 2014 More

Enerkem’s Mississippi MSW-to-ethanol plant remains stalled

In Mississippi, the proposed Enerkem MSW-to-ethanol plant in Pontotoc remains delayed, five years after the project was still announced. The company says it still has ever intention of developing the project that is based on its 10 million gallon per year facility in Edmonton, Alberta. Several million dollars have been invested in the project so […]

February 26, 2014 More

Enerkem: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Company description: Enerkem develops biofuels and chemicals from waste. With its proprietary thermochemical technology, Enerkem converts abundantly available municipal solid waste (mixed textiles, plastics, fibers, wood and other non-recyclable waste materials) into chemical-grade syngas, and then methanol, ethanol and other chemical intermediates that form everyday products. By using waste instead of fossil fuels, Enerkem addresses […]

February 12, 2014 More

It’s 2014: get cracking!

Hydrotreating, catalytic cracking, pyrolysis, metathesis, supercritical, and catalytic reforming. It’s the big new wave heading for biofuels and biobased chemicals at scale. The secret word in the bioeconomy for 2014 starts with a C. Carbon? Chemicals? Cellulosic? Close, but guess again. Yep, it’s cracking. That is, breaking down the biobased feedstock with heat, pressure and […]

January 29, 2014 More

Mike Robe visits Enerkem’s cellulosic biofuels project in Canada

Now back from his starring role in The Fast and the P.Furiosus. He’s smart, he’s cool, he’s the world’s smallest post-doc; he’s not a bacterium, he’s a one-celled Clooney. Mike tweets: “At Enerkem Alberta, a gem. Only 1 complaint, 15 mi from Hooters. RU serious? Like I move faster than 100 µm/s.” Has Mike visited […]

January 14, 2014 More

LanzaTech, Sapphire Energy, Gevo, Enerkem CEOs commit to ABLC 2014

Holmgren, Warner, Gruber, Chornet to address “Hot Companies: The Global Growth Perspective” on opening morning of ABLC 2014. In Florida, Biofuels Digest announced that LanzaTech CEO Jennifer Holmgren, Sapphire Energy CEO Cynthia “CJ ” Warner, Gevo CEO Pat Grubner and Enerkem CEO Vincent Chornet will present addresses on ABLC 2014′s opening morning — under the […]

January 9, 2014 More

McFly! Enerkem begins commissioning of garbage-to-fuels commercial plant in Alberta

In Back to the Future, waste-to-energy fuel systems were supposed to be common by 2015.  Looks like 2014 might be the better date. Here’s Enerkem, going commercial, to show the way. In Canada, Enerkem announced that commissioning is underway at its commercial-scale municipal waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility in Edmonton. Construction of the facility is nearing […]

December 5, 2013 More

Enerkem begins commissioning at Edmonton facility

In Canada, Enerkem has announced that commissioning is gradually beginning at its full-scale municipal waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility in Edmonton. This update was shared by Enerkem’s CEO at the Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit currently being held in Montreal. Construction of the facility is nearing completion and Enerkem will complete the commissioning during the next few months. […]

December 4, 2013 More

The Chalice from the Palace: Canada’s NextGen Biofuels Fund backs Enerkem, Greenfield cellulosic ethanol project

After a long period of project development and project selection, the NextGen Biofuels Fund identifies what it believes is the “brew that is true” In Canada, sprightly news arrives from the north, that Sustainable Technology Development Canada, through its NextGen Biofuels Fund, could be investing just shy of $40 million in the Vanerco project – […]

September 30, 2013 More