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Dyadic announces commercialization agreement with CIMV

In Florida, Dyadic International announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement to commercialize second generation biofuel and bio-based chemical technology with Compagnie Industrielle de la Matière Végétale (“CIMV”), a pioneer in developing processes for the production of biofuels and bio-based chemicals. CIMV’s patented approach of separating the three main components of plant material allows […]

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First-ever commercial flight on farnesene flies Orlando to Sao Paolo

In Florida, GOL’s flight 7725 that departed from Orlando, Florida on July 30 at 5:15 PM ET and traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, was the industry’s first commercial flight with farnesane. GOL committed to fly its Boeing 737 fleet with up to a 10 percent blend of the renewable farnesane fuel starting with this initial […]

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Carbolosic signs three-year offtake for cellulosic sugar with PFL Petroleum

In Florida, Carbolosic, LLC has entered into an agreement with PFL Petroleum Services, LTD to offtake all of the Industrial Grade Concentrated Cellulose Sugar Syrup the Carbolosic plants produce over the next three years, once the plants are operational. This agreement comes on the heels of Carbolosic’s announcement last week that it has secured funding […]

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Abandoned Florida biodiesel plant may be environmental hazard

In Florida, a survey of the abandoned Clean Fuel Lakeland biodiesel plant has revealed biodiesel, methanol and a host of other chemicals behind, neglected and waiting to cause a problem. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for supervising the facility and says it has already inspected it, finding no hazards.  

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Algenol’s computers target for Chinese cyber-attacks

In Florida, Algenol’s computers have allegedly been attacked by cyber-terrorists 39 million times in the past four months, with the expectation of industrial sabotage to steal the company’s secrets. Many of the attacks are coming from China, where industrial espionage via the internet has targeted solar companies, nuclear and steal plants. Some of the cyber-attacks […]

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Dyadic to develop Bakenzyme enzyme for baking industry

In Florida, Dyadic has announced details regarding its new Bakenzyme project. In collaboration with several industry partners, the Bakenzyme project seeks to develop a novel, pure and widely applicable xylanase-oxidase enzyme product for the baking industry. Dyadic’s Chief Operating Officer, Danai Brooks, stated, “The aim of this project is to create an enzyme product that improves […]

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Amyris partners with Gol on first international commercial flights

In Florida, Amyris has partnered with Brazilian airline GOL to begin the first commercial route with farnesane, the recently approved renewable jet fuel. GOL has committed to fly its Boeing 737 fleet with up to a 10 percent blend of the renewable fuel on its U.S. to Brazil routes starting with initial flights later this […]

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South Florida State College to begin biofuels training this fall

In Florida, beginning this fall, South Florida State College (SFSC) will offer a Bioenergy Education Program to provide students with a foundation of environmental sciences and renewable energy. SFSC’s district of Hardee, Highlands, and DeSoto counties, has the ideal climate, soil composition, available agricultural land, local infrastructure, and potential workforce to quickly emerge as a thriving […]

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Florida grant matching program opens this week

In Florida, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will begin accepting applications for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Technologies Grant Matching Program next week. This program will provide matching funds to conduct demonstration, commercialization, research, and development projects relating to renewable energy technologies and innovative technologies that significantly increase energy efficiency for […]

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Aquatech looks to Florida for pilot project, Volusia County passes incentives

In Florida, Volusia County has approved incentives that may attract Aquatech BioEnergy as the company searches for a location for a 40-acre, 35,000 square foot pilot project. Aquatech BioEnergy, which converts pond weeds into ethanol, is seeking $354,000 in incentives as it considers Volusia and Texas. The 40-acre project could expand to up to 200 […]

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