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Fuels America launches new campaign to save RFS

In Washington, Fuels America has launched a new campaign highlighting what would happen without the RFS. It’s list of 10 impacts include more oil imports, more profits for big oil execs, dirtier air and sending advanced biofuels overseas to countries like Brazil and China.  

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Fuels America says using E85 can save 61 cents per gallon

In Washington, Fuels America says that analysis by e85prices.org shows that drivers can save 61 cents per gallon by filling up with E85 thanks to rising oil prices sparked by renewed unrest in Iraq. At times over the past year, that savings has reached up to 76 cents per gallon.  

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Fuels America hits the airwaves in pro-RFS push

The Fuels America coalition launched a robust inside-the-beltway advertising campaign this week, touting the lower prices that American renewable fuels deliver to consumers at the gas pump, and encouraging Americans to ask the Obama Administration to protect America’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The campaign consists of substantial paid media buys on Washington’s WTOP Radio and […]

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Fuels America promotes cellulosic ethanol to National Press Club

In Washington, the Fuels America coalition hosted a breakfast Tuesday morning at the National Press Club where industry leaders representing four commercial scale cellulosic ethanol plants expected to begin production by the end of 2014 updated reporters on their progress. They also discussed their plans for future investment in commercial scale cellulosic ethanol, and discussed […]

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Florida to benefit greatly from biofuels, says Fuels America economic impact study

In Washington, Fuels America has released an economic impact study which demonstrates the benefits of renewable fuels for Florida workers and businesses, which include driving $4.4 billion of economic output, supporting more than 20,000 jobs, and generating $136 million in state tax revenue per year. The report, put together by John Dunham & Associates, takes […]

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Fuels America launches “Oil Rigged” campaign

In Washington, Fuels America coalition members announced the launch of the “Oil Rigged” television and digital ad campaign and OilRigged.com to expose the many ways the oil industry is rigging the system to protect their profits and block the transition to clean, American renewable fuels. The campaign began on Tuesday with the launch of OilRigged.com, at […]

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RFA and Fuels America fight back against negative AP article

In Washington, the RFA has put out a seven-page document refuting at least 16 direct quotes from a draft article accidently released by the Associated Press last week that is set to run on Tuesday. The ethanol industry is up in arms about the article, saying it is bad reporting, trying to paint a negative […]

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Gas Price Spikes Have Consumers Wondering, When Will We Be Energy Independent?

By Brent Erickson The United States is beginning a domestic energy boom and could become a net energy exporter within the next two decades. But U.S. consumers don’t expect to see a benefit – they still plan to cut back on driving and other spending as gas prices continue to spike. A recent poll by […]

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Fuels America sends Snarky Valentine to Big Oil

“We love how oil companies want to keep us dependent on a dirty, climate warming, expensive fuel in short supply. Isn’t that just great?” So goes the new theme from Fuels America, who debuted their We Love Oil! campaign this afternoon. It’s all on (hilarious) video, well worth a share — starring snarky polar bears, […]

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Fuels America launches Facebook page

In Washington, Fuels America has launched its new Facebook page, and is publishing infographics and articles there — attracting 490 likes in its first day on the web. Fuels America is a coalition committed to protecting the Renewable Fuel Standard and promoting the benefits of renewable fuel already growing in America. Members include BIO, the American […]

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