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Gevo sells $18 million in stock to fund Luverne project completion

In Colorado, Gevo announced that it has priced its underwritten public offering of common stock units. Gevo announced that it has agreed to sell 30,000,000 common stock units. Each common stock unit consists of one share of common stock and a warrant to purchase 0.5 shares of common stock, at a public offering price of […]

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Gevo reports targeting “break-even at Luverne by year-end”.

“By running the SBS we have dramatically reduced our cash burn at the plant and we are targeting breakeven at Luverne by year end,”  Gevo CEO Pat Gruber is reporting. Gevo also reported that Isobutanol yields have reached >90% of target based on starch content, up from approximately 70% prior to running its new side-by-side […]

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Back in My Arms Again: The Supremes take on patent law in the era of synthetic biology

Key ruling in Gevo, Butamax case links it to the upcoming Teva case, going before the Supreme Court this fall. In Colorado, Gevo filed a fascinating 8-K this week, relating that a United States District Court judge granted a motion to stay the patent litigation action brought by Butamax. The District Court’s decision postpones the […]

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Branson: “We’re killing the world”

Branson at BIO. Branson on bio. And some of Branson’s bio. Sir Richard Branson joined BIO CEO Jim Greenwood on stage at the BIO International Convention for a talk on enterprises, the entrepreneurial spirit, a spirit of adventure. And the founder of brands ranging from Virgin Records to Virgin Galactic shared his views on the […]

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“But I won’t cry for yesterday”: The re-making of the US ethanol industry

The migration from first-gen to next-gen biofuels is becoming less ‘Invisible’ — and the new landscape is not, by anyone’s estimation, an ‘Ordinary World’. If Aemetis’ latest earnings hadn’t rocked your world quite enough, here are 10 hot strategies being pursued right now to morph the old into new. If you remained glued to the television […]

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Gevo reports $12M loss for Q1, starts up ethanol ops to slow cash burn

In Colorado, Gevo reported a net loss for Q1 2014 of $12.0M, compared to $18.4M for Q1 2013, on revenues of $900,000. The company completed Q1 with $8.4M on hand, though it closed a $25.9M private debt financing with Whitebox Advisors consisting of a senior secured term loan, exchangeable into senior secured convertible debentures, and […]

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Gevo raises $25.9M via senior debt from Whitebox Advisors

In Colorado, Gevo announced the closing of a $25.9M financing with Whitebox Advisors consisting of a senior secured term loan exchangeable into senior secured convertible debentures. Gevo also has an option to draw an additional $5.2 million if certain conditions are met. The Term Loan includes a first priority lien on all of the Company’s assets […]

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The 11 hottest slides on advancing aviation biofuels, from ABLC

Experts from Solena Fuels, British Airways, the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI),  the US Navy, the Federal Aviation Administration, Amyris,  Byogy, Gevo, BioProcess Algae, Virent, Mercurius, and ARA were among the highlight presenters at the 5th annual Global Aviation Biofuels Summit, an integrated part of ABLC, the annual bioeconomy conference now underway in Washington, […]

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Gevo teams with Lufthansa to test aviation biofuel

In Colorado, Gevo announced that it has come to an agreement with Lufthansa to evaluate Gevo’s renewable jet fuel with the goal of approving Gevo’s alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) for commercial aviation use. Lufthansa’s testing is being supported through work with the European Commission.

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Gevo inserts “going concern” statement in annual report

In Colorado, Gevo filed its 10-K annual report with the SEC. Excepts are as follows: “For the year ended December 31, 2013, we incurred a consolidated net loss of $66.8 million and had an accumulated deficit of $262.2 million. From inception to December 31, 2013, we have incurred significant net losses and have funded our […]

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