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Grease thief manhunt underway in Boston

In Massachusetts, police are searching for two suspects who allegedly stole cooking grease from a Boston-area restaurant to sell for biodiesel fuel. The employees at Café Pacific reported to police that while they were closing at approximately 4:54 a.m., they heard noises from the rear of the building. Upon investigating the noise, the employees spotted […]

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Grease looting on the rise: Bandits now snag 6 million pounds per year

In Virginia, the National Renderers Association is estimating that grease theft has risen to as much as six million pounds per year across North America, and as much as $1 million in lost revenues for members of (the other) NRA. The figures surfaced in an entertaining loom at grease theft published in City.ca, which looked […]

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The Fat You Don't Want to Lose: California cracks down on grease theft

In California, the state Department of Food and Agriculture, who regulates grease transport, is contracting with police to crack down on restaurant grease thieves. A gallon of grease currently sells for about 50 cents, up from 6 cents five years ago, which combined with high diesel prices means that grease thefts have picked up significantly. […]

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NC lawmaker proposes to felonize grease theft

In North Carolina, Rep. John Torbett, R-Stanley, responding to the increasing theft of yellow kitchen grease has proposed a bill that would make it a felony to steal $1,000 or more of yellow grease, and a misdemeanor if less were stolen.  Additionally, Torbett is proposing that any yellow grease collectors must be licensed and inspected […]

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Biodiesel grease theft on the rise again

n the Midwest, “grease thefts” of Used Cooking Oil destined to be recycled into biodiesel is on the rise, with the worst hit seeing losses of as much as $1 million a year. The thefts occur more often when oil prices increase. Thieves process the oil themselves, which usually goes for about 18 cents a […]

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Wichita police nab biodiesel grease thieves

In Kansas, local police in Wichita arrested a couple, operating from a Ford F-350 and a 500-gallon grease tank, for stealing waste grease from an east Wichita Burger King. The police said that the couple had been hitting locations in Joplin, Iola and Cherryvale as well as Wichita. Police said the couple had been operating […]

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Grease (Theft) is the Word: 5th Most Bizarre Biofuels Story of the Year

In an article from last September, we introduced Texas attorney Jon Jaworski to Digest readers, via a hilarious profile that appeared on Minyanville.com. Jaworski is known as “the Grease Lawyer,” specializing in advising on cases involving grease theft. “I had a guy who was paid with a bottle of vodka and a couple cartons of […]

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