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NDAA passes out of committee, bad news for biofuels?

In Washington, the House Armed Services Committee voted on the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 (NDAA) and passed it out of committee, pending consideration by the full House of Representatives and the Senate. There are two provisions in the legislation related to biofuels: The Defense Department would be exempt from energy efficiency measures and […]

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Monte Shaw, director of Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, to run for House

In Iowa, Monte Shaw, a Republican activist who serves as the executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association has announced his candidacy for the Iowa U.S. House seat being vacated by Rep. Tom Latham, who announced his plans to retire after 20 years. Shaw, who has been a longtime supporter of ethanol trade, will […]

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Still no Farm Bill, hopes for this year begin to dwindle

In Washington, the Agriculture Committee has still not reached an agreement on a new farm bill after House Chair Frank Lucas, House Ranking Member Collin Peterson, Senate Chair Debbie Stabenow, and Senate Ranking Member Thad Cochran met several times last week without reaching a compromise. Stabenow and Lucas had both stated that it was important […]

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Ethanol tariff bill introduced in House

In Washington, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) has introduced legislation that would extend the additional duty on ethanol, further protecting the ethanol market from foreign importers. The current tariff is a 2.5% ad valorem tax on the import of ethanol for use in fuel, based on the percent volume of the fuel at the time of […]

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BIO submits comments on RFS to House Energy and Commerce

In Washington, BIO submitted comments in response to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s fourth white paper on the Renewable Fuels Standard. The white paper, part of a series reviewing the effectiveness of the RFS, examined the goals and achievements of the RFS as a part of national energy policy. Brent Erickson, BIO executive […]

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House approves NDAA bill 315-107

In Washington, the House has approved the NDAA in a 315-107 vote, with provisions to allow the Pentagon to continue its work with biofuels. The Senate must approve the $633 billion bill when they return, sometime after Dec. 27. Earlier this year, the House had attempted to block the biofuels strategy by disallowing the purchase […]

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Renewable Fuels Association pushes for Domestic Fuels Protection Act

In Washington, as the RFA advocates for the Domestic Fuels Protection Act, President and CEO Bob Dinneen has submitted written testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Environment and Economy in support. “[T]he current regulatory structure provides no pathway to certify existing equipment for anything other than fossil fuels, even when test […]

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House votes to extend ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel tax credits; Senate drops biofuels-slashing omnibus bill

In Washington, the US House of Representatives voted by a 277 to 148 margin to approve the Obama tax deal, which extends the ethanol tax credit through 2011, and retroactively extends the biodiesel tax incentive and the renewable diesel incentive through 2011. The bill also renewed the 54-cent tariff on Brazilian ethanol through 2011. The bill will […]

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