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Increased demand due to cheap feedstock seeing support vegetable oil prices

In Malaysia and Illinois, prices for palm oil and soy oil both fell to five-year lows following a current glut and expectation of further supplies from a bumper soy crop. The cheap prices are expected to boost demand, however, which Oil World says will least to stronger prices.  

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Corn use for ethanol likely to top 5 billion bushels

In Illinois, ethanol producers are expected to consume about 5.1 billion bushels of corn this year, based on the expectation of 14.1 billion gallons of ethanol. The boost in production over the previous year is a result of higher demand, more exports, fewer imports and rebuilding stocks after high corn prices due to drought reduced […]

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Illinois universities looking to develop national biofuel education standard

In Illinois, Southeastern Illinois College and a consortium of community colleges in the state are looking to develop the first national certification for biofuels processing. Building upon its associate degree program for ethanol and biodiesel processing, the certification would require sign off from the Dept. of Labor. Development of the certification would be done in […]

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University of Illinois says regulations needed for new energy crops

In Illinois, if the hottest new plant grown as a biofuel crop is approved based solely on its greenhouse gas emission profile, its potential as the next invasive species may not be discovered until it’s too late. In response to this need to prevent such invasions, researchers at the University of Illinois have developed both […]

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Volumes for ethanol trade hit 20-year high

In Illinois, the ethanol prices reported by Platts have reached a 20-year high at 605,000 barrels. The increased volumes mirrors the increased volumes on Chicago ethanol swaps. About 300,000 barrels of the July volumes were based on the Chicago ITT Argo terminal basis for 5-15 days forward. A major spike on NY Harbor-based volume also […]

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University of Illinois researchers look at low-fat DDGS for pig feed

In Illinois, researchers at the University of Illinois are evaluating DDGS following oil removal for use in swine diets. “Dietary fat concentration has been shown to be a factor in the digestibility of nutrients,” said Hans Stein, a professor of animal sciences at U of I. “Because DDGS supplies a significant amount of protein in […]

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Chicago City Council stalls before coming to vote on requiring E15

In Illinois, a five hour hearing at the Chicago City Council Finance Committee on the introduction of E15 at gas stations across the city but ended in no vote. The proposal sought to require stations sell a minimum of 500,000 gallons of E15. High profile lobbyists from both sides of the debate participated in the […]

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Chicago Argo breaks out of two weeks of sideways trading

In Illinois, on Monday the Chicago Argo ethanol assessment broke out of the sideways trading it had been suffering from during the last two weeks and gained four cents to $2.1950/gal on increased demand. Summer vacation and mixed supply and demand figures have kept prices hovering until it could choose which direction to go.  

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Three men arrested in Illinois for stealing 10,000 gallons of used cooking oil

In Illinois, three men were arrested in a barn in the southwest part of the state where 10,000 gallons of stolen used cooking oil was stored. The men allegedly stole the cooking oil from outside restaurants and then later sold it to biodiesel producers.  

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UAE company chooses UOP for $800 million aviation jet fuel project

In Illinois, UOP announced that its green fuels process technology has been selected by Petrixo Oil & Gas to produce renewable jet fuel and renewable diesel at a new refinery to be built in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. Petrixo will use UOP Renewable Jet Fuel process technology to process approximately 500,000 metric tons per year […]

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