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India launches first ethanol-run public bus in Nagpur

In India, “The Green Bus project” is launching in Nagpur as the country launched its first ethanol-run, environment-friendly public bus last week. Carbon dioxide emissions from the bus will be as low as 15% to 90%; the Union government, Maharashtra state government and Nagpur Municipal Corporation will monitor the emissions of the new bus. The […]

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Indian mills may get OMCs to pay more for ethanol

In India, the sugar mills are winning the price war against oil marketing companies, saying they won’t be able to supply ethanol at the low prices they were forced down to last year. Mills want 66 cents per liter, oil companies paid only 52 cents last year, but mills will accept no less than 61 […]

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India’s My Eco Energy opens first biodiesel filling station

In India, My Eco Energy has opened its first filling station in Pune that will supply its UCO biodiesel retailed as Indizel with 500 pumps expected in Maharashtra during the next year. Kolhapur, Noida and Visakhapatnam have been identified as biodiesel production sites. Austria’s Energia will supply the production technology.  

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India could save $3 billion in petroleum imports annually with E10

In India, the new prime minister has asked for a meeting with the petroleum ministry and food department officials to discuss the proposed E10 policy that could reduce the country’s petroleum imports by $3 billion per year. Oil marketing companies are still not willing to pay the prices that sugar mills are seeking during supply […]

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Indian government stings company cheating investors with jatropha

In India, the government regulator Sebi has found Sunshine Global Agro Limited (formerly known as Sunshine Forestry Private Ltd) cheated 40,000 investors who were told that by investing 1,000 rupees in a jatropha seedling, they would be worth 3,000 rupees seven years later. The scheme has also included goats, cows and emu birds in an […]

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Indian chemical industry says ethanol blend creating local shortage

In India, the chemical industry says that the current 5% ethanol blend and proposed 10% ethanol blend for transport has caused shortages of ethanol and irrational price increases for use in chemicals. Roughly a million liters per year is required for the chemical industry, which it claims is the deficit now created in the market […]

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Scania delivers ED95 bus in China with up to 150 more seen this year

In India, Scania has delivered its first ED95 Metro-link bus that will run between Chennai and Kochi. The buses will be manufactured in India at the production facility near Bangalore beginning in August. Between 100 and 150 of the ED95 buses will be delivered in India by the end of the year.  

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India’s cabinet to decide soon on E10

In India, the new cabinet is expected to make a decision soon on boosting the ethanol blend to 10% from the current 5%. During the next parliament, the transport minister says legislation will be introduced to boost the availability of vehicles that run on alternative fuels.  

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India only manages to blend 1.37% ethanol

In India, oil marketing companies have only managed to achieve 1.37% blending of ethanol with gasoline, compared to the 5% they are mandated to blend. Infrastructure and inter-state trade hurdles have been identified and are being addressed while the new government is supporting farmers to help increase supplies.  

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Indian sugarcane research institute releases energy cane varieties

In India, the Sugarcane Breeding Institute has developed varieties of energy cane, including a high fiber and low sugar variety that can be used by existing sugarcane mills suitable for first generation ethanol and co-generation power, and an even higher fiber, high biomass variety suitable for cellulosic ethanol and co-gen.  

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