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Indonesian palm oil producers see exports falling up to 9.5% on year

In Indonesia, the country’s palm oil producers association GAPKI says it expects exports to fall by up to 9.5% to between 19 million and 20 million metric tons.  Last year, exports reached 21 million tons. Exports through June this year reached 9.75 million tons compared to 11 million tons during the same period in 2013.

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Indonesian palm oil stocks fall to two-month low

In Indonesia, palm oil stocks are at their lowest in two months, down 4.5% on the month and 13% on the year at 2.1 million metric tons. Production has slowed but is expected to pick back up in August or September, which coincides with an expected soy bumper crop in the US that will already […]

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Indonesian biodiesel producers seeking talks with EU

In Indonesia, consultations between biodiesel producers and the European Union could come as early as July in order to avoid a lengthy case in the EU’s Court of Justice regarding anti-dumping levies placed on Indonesian biodiesel imports.  

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Indonesia not likely to hit biodiesel targets this year

In Indonesia, the country is far from achieving its biodiesel blending targets this year of 1.56 million kiloliters in road vehicles. Through May, only 447,000 kilolitres had been blended. CIMB Investment Bank is only expecting consumption to reach 1.5 million kiloliters because of the poor logistics in getting the fuel out to the eastern regions. […]

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Indonesia launches official complaint against EU at WTO over biodiesel duties

In Switzerland, Indonesia has officially launched a complaint against the EU at the WTO over anti-dumping tariffs Europe has lodged against Indonesian biodiesel imports since May last year. The WTO established a dispute panel over similar changes made by Argentina already in April. Last month, the Indonesia government said it would file an official complaint with […]

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Indonesia looks to Turkey and Macedonia for new biodiesel trade hubs

In Indonesia, the country is looking to set up new trade hubs for its palm oil in an attempt to reduce its reliance on traditional hubs in China, the EU and India. Potential sites include Turkey and Macedonia. Malaysia’s new preferential trade agreement with Turkey is set to come into effect this month, reducing import […]

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Indonesian government pushing more investment in biofuels sector

In Indonesia, the government has extended its policy requiring financial services to adhere to strict greening policies. Previously only banks were included under the regulation but it will now cover the capital market and non-banking sectors. The program is meant to promote awareness among companies about environmental issues and increase investment in biofuels projects as […]

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Top Indonesian presidential contender wants stronger biofuels push

In Indonesia, one of the two top presidential candidates, Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Rajasa, strongly supports more vigorous biofuel development. He wants to focus on developing biofuel feedstock in areas that have been heavily deforested. Both candidates want to significantly reduce fossil fuel subsidies which are currently drowning the nation’s budget with $6.4 billion expected this year. […]

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Pertamina seeks 1.7 billion liters of biodiesel for Indonesian mandate

In Indonesia, Pertamina has issued a buy tender for 1.7 billion liters of biodiesel to supply part of the 5.3 billion liters it needs for 2014-15. Despite issues with the pricing formula during the last two tenders, the formula remains the same for this tender. Most of the producers are in Sumatra and Jakarta but […]

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Indonesia follows Argentina taking EU to the WTO

In Indonesia, the government will also file an official complaint with the WTO against the European Union and its anti-dumping tariffs on biodiesel imports, following Argentina seeking and getting approval for the opening of a dispute settlement panel. Several biodiesel producers have also filed complaints directly with the European Court of Justice.

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