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Bluesphere to open Boston waste-to-energy facility

In Israel, Bluesphere has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to co-develop a waste-to-energy project with a Boston developer operating in the recycling and compost business. Per the terms of the MoU, Bluesphere will take advantage of the site’s existing operations to build and operate a 5.2 MW waste-to-energy plant on the same premises in […]

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Evogene in deal with Brazilian agri-giant for castor bean trials

In Israel, Evogene and SLC Agricola, one of Brazil’s largest landowners and agriculture businesses, announced the signing of a collaboration agreement between SLC and  Evofuel Ltd., Evogene’s wholly-owned subsidiary, for the commercial production of Evofuel developed castor bean varieties in Brazil, expected to take place during 2016. Evofuel focuses on the development of high yielding […]

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Israel looking strongly at methanol for fuel independence

In Israel, the government’s push for fuel independence is looking strongly a methanol-related technologies, especially those based in syngas. Current trials have cars running on M15 like in China whereas others have gone as high as M70. The government is pushing technology development and commercialization through its Fuel Choices Initiative that has a 10-year budget […]

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Evogene extends R&D deal with Syngenta for three more years

In Israel, Evogene announced a three year extension of its research collaboration with Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. The collaboration was established in mid-2009 to identify plant genes providing resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode. The three year collaboration extension follows successful results obtained by Syngenta for candidate genes provided by Evogene as part of the original collaboration. […]

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Evogene completes three years of castor bean field trials in Brazil

In Israel, Evogene announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Evofuel Ltd., has completed three years of successful field trials in Brazil for the development of castor bean as an alternative feedstock for production of biodiesel and other industrial uses. The field trials, which were conducted in cooperation with SLC Agrícola S.A., one of Brazil’s largest […]

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Kaiima Agro-biotech employs polyploidy technology, seeks $50M in equity financing

In Israel, Kaiima Agro-biotech Ltd., an agro-biotch startup, seeks to raise up to US $50M in an equity financing round to further develop their products which increase crop productivity without genetically modifying the DNA of the selected crop. Kaiima’s products take advantage of “polyploidy,” a condition which causes species to have extra sets of chromosomes. […]

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Evogene considers trading on U.S. markets

In Israel, Evogene may be looking to trade in the North American markets after spinning off from Compugen Ltd in 2007. They are currently looking for a market where the “expertise of the agricultural sector high,” said Ofer Haviv, CEO. “We are currently in the Tel Aviv 100 Index, but that’s not enough.” The company […]

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US and Israel getting closer on biofuel R&D collaboration

In Washington, after a briefing by senior White House staff on April 17, following their arrival in the U.S., an Israeli delegation of top academic and industrial biofuels research scientists and innovators, and Israeli government program managers, is participating in two days of deliberations with their American counterparts from the U.S. DOE and USDA, and […]

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US and Israel to cooperate on biofuels research

In Washington, Israeli academic and industrial biofuels research scientists and innovators are visiting Washington to explore opportunities for cooperation with the US for development of advanced biofuels. Following the meetings in Washington, they will travel to DOE labs in Oak Ridge Tennessee and in California to meet with more than 50 U.S. scientists and energy […]

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Evogene Announces Launch of Gene2Product Computational AgBio Platform

In Israel, Evogene announced the launch of Gene2Product version 1.0, a unique integrated computational platform for improving trait efficacy by high throughput optimization of gene function in the target crop as part of the development process for biotechnology seed products. Evogene has already entered into agreements to utilize Gene2Product to optimize the performance of certain genes it has discovered […]

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