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Sahara Forest project aims to use algae, renewable technologies to bloom deserts

In Qatar last month, we reported that Norwegian company Yara had teamed with the Qatari government on the Sahara Forest project that will use solar power and sea water to produce food crops such as tomatoes, cucumber, melon, fodder crops, freshwater, clean energy, salt, algae and for biofuel. Let’s look at this project in more […]

January 28, 2013 More

Jordan to pilot jatropha in biofuels development trial

In Jordan, Rula Mubeidin, Ministry of Agriculture Spokesperson, informed the Joran Times that jatropha will be cultivated in Jordan as an experiment.  This is the result of a partnership between Jordan and Brazil.  Mugeidin stated that at a briefing, “The Brazilian diplomat suggested planting Jatropha in limited areas in the Kingdom as an experiment to […]

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