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Solar fuels: How close, how real?

Could a liquid fuel technology emerge that connects solar PV to the efficiency of electric engines — but, this time with long driving range and near-instant refueling instead of laborious recharging? And, could the liquid fuel be made from the very waste CO2 that bedevils our environment? Those ideas just took a big step forward — involving […]

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Joule’s quest for fuels from CO2, sunlight and water

Can it really be done? A Tony Stark-like quest for fuels and chemicals secreted by a microbe that lives on a diet of CO2, water and sunlight? We look anew at Joule’s quest, and its progress.  From Massachusetts, word arrived from Joule this week that the EPA has favorably reviewed the company’s Microbial Commercial Activity Notice for Joule’s […]

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EPA approves Joule’s first commercial ethanol-producing catalyst

In Massachusetts, Joule announced that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has favorably reviewed the company’s Microbial Commercial Activity Notice (MCAN) for Joule’s first commercial ethanol-producing catalyst. This clears the catalyst for commercial use at the company’s demonstration plant in Hobbs, New Mexico. Notably, this also marks the first time that EPA has allowed the […]

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Joule renewable diesel and jet fuel meet ASTM standards

In Massachusetts, Joule announced that its Sunflow-D and Sunflow-J CO2-neutral fuels comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for diesel and jet fuel. The CO2-derived fuels require no chemical upgrading and can be blended with fossil fuels up to 50 percent. The ASTM standards compliance moves Joule one step closer to […]

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Joule hits ASTM marks for sustainable diesel, jet fuel

In Washington, Joule announced at the World Congress that its Sunflow-D and Sunflow-J products meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials for diesel and jet fuel, respectively. Joule products achieve all accepted standards for fuel performance, and they may also improve quality of the finished fuel blends, as demonstrated by the […]

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Joule appoints David Anton as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

In Massachusetts, Joule announced the appointment of David Anton as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Anton is charged with commercializing Joule’s carbon dioxide to fuels technology. He has nearly 30 years of relevant experience, including prior technology and business leadership roles at both DuPont and Codexis. “Joule has gained a tremendous asset with […]

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Joule’s Changing of the Guard: Sims exits as CEO

In Massachusetts, Joule announced that CEO Bill Sims will step out of his management role but will remain a member of the company’s board. Noubar Afeyan, co-founder and Chairman, is assuming the role of interim-CEO while Paul Snaith, who joined the company in 2012, will be promoted to President and COO of Joule. “Bill joined […]

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Capturing Carbon: the role of biocatalysts and biofuels

Carbon capture: much talked-about, less seen. Could biocatalysts and biofuels provide the kicker needed to make this class of technologies feasible? New news and data from Akermin suggests that bio may be just the ticket. In Missouri this week, Akermin, a biocatalyst company developing technology to improve the removal of carbon dioxide from industrial gas […]

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Can electrofuels and electrosugars save the day?

Is the ultimate industrial fuel system going to be based on electricity, waste CO2 and brackish water – to return society to the days of energy abundance? It will take a mighty production microorganism, but R&D is well underway and a path is becoming clearer. In yesterday’s Digest, we explored new research at UCD that […]

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Doing it in the Dark: Fuel from thin air, and beyond light

Beyond fossil fuels, beyond light itself. And now, the direct production of drop-in biofuel blendstocks. All available from a microbial “cow”. This week in California, a research team from Shota Atsumi’s lab at the University of California, Davis have reported that they engineered Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942, a strain of photosynthetic cyanobacteria, to grow without the […]

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