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ICRAF study shows jatropha isn’t viable for Kenya

In Kenya, a study from ICRAF shows that jatropha isn’t a viable crop for the country because there is no market for the seeds, the values and yields are low, farmers don’t know how to grow it well and its early reputation as a miracle crop has destroyed most of the farmer appetite for the […]

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Kenya Sugar Board requires new mills to produce ethanol and electricity

In Kenya, the national Sugar Board has launched a new policy that would require new sugar mills seeking operating licenses to include ethanol and electricity production in their operations. The new policy will have a 24-month grace period, but after that all new mill applications must comply. The move is meant to ensure that mills […]

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Bedford Biofuels pulls out of Kenyan biofuels project

In Kenya, Bedford Biofuels has fully pulled out of its Tana River Delta project, which attempted to convert up to 600 square miles into jatropha farmland in a humantiarian project that would have brought foreign business to a particularly poor, rural part of the country. Local resistance prevented the project from taking off, as ethnic […]

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Kenyan ethanol company to import molasses from Uganda and Tanzania

In Kenya, Spectre International has resumed ethanol production thanks to molasses imports from Uganda and Tanzania. Mumias Sugar, who had been a major supplier of molasses to the facility—representing about 60% of the company’s feedstock—has launched its own distillery, reducing available supplies.

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Kenya’s Kibos Sugar to invest in ethanol production and co-gen

In Kenya, Kibos Sugar is investing $55.7 million in 10 million liters of annual ethanol production as well as co-generation and paper production capacity. The ethanol supply will be exported to regional COMESA countries, similar to other major ethanol producers in the country.

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Bedford Biofuels may abort Kenyan jatropha project

In Canada, Bedford Biofuels is considering aborting their Kenyan jatropha plan to cultivate 60,000 hectares of the crop after four years of failures have left the leased land completely undeveloped. Bedford cites the poor economic climate as the reason the project has been largely unable to accrue investment. While the project aims at eventually constructing […]

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Karan Biofuels sells 313,000 CERs from biomass briquettes to Standard Bank.

In Kenya, Karan Biofuels has sold 313,000 CERs to Standard Bank of Kenya following validation from the UNFCCC for its biomass briquettes production and supply in Kisumu. Over the next 10 years, the company expects to earn $1.8 million through the sale of the CERs that will help it with its international expansion plans.

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Brazil’s BNDES loans $80M to Kenya to mechanize agriculture; in talks for larger-scale energy loans

In Kenya, the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) extended an $80 million (Sh6.7 billion) soft loan to the government to assist in the mechanization of agriculture and $150 million (Sh12.6 billion) for the construction of link roads and interchanges to decongest the capital city of Nairobi. During talks with the president of the development bank, […]

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Kenya’s Kwale sugar, ethanol mill, set to come online

In Kenya, the new Kwale Sugar mill is set to come online soon, after a six month delay, with its 30,000 ton ethanol plant in tow in addition to sugar production and 18MW of bassase-based electricity. The 3,000 TCD mill is 20% owned by Mauritius’ Omnicane, one of the major sugar producers on the island.

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Webco funds $150M sugarbeet ethanol plant in Kenya

In Kenya, a $150m biofuel production plant will open in Bungoma and will produce ethanol from tropical sugar beet. The plant, funded by Webco, is expected to open for a trial run early next year. The fuel will eventually be sold to Kenol Kobil and the National Oil Cooperation for blending. Sugar beets are seen […]

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